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AEW Fyter Fest: Predictions and Everything you need to know

642   //    18 Jun 2019, 08:21 IST

AEW Fyter Fest
AEW Fyter Fest

As All Elite Wrestling's second PPV approaches and with Double or Nothing in the rear-view, The KliqPodcast covers all of Fyter Fest on June 29th 2019.

From location to the matches themselves, here is an in-depth and comprehensive look into the PPV and everything you need to know.

Location Significance

WCW Bash at the Beach 1996
WCW Bash at the Beach 1996

AEW's Fyter Fest will emanate from Daytona Beach Florida, Saturday June 29th. While it is entirely internet speculation as to why AEW has chosen this location for Fyter Fest, it is still worth noting the previous wrestling events that have taken place at this location.

WCW's Clash of Champions XXIV and XXXI in 1993 and 1995, during Vader's run as WCW World Heavyweight Champion. WCW Nitro 1996 and WCW Thunder 1998.

Most notably three WCW Bash at the Beach PPV's, with the memorable 1996 edition, Hulk Hogan's heel turn and the formation of the infamous nWo, New World Order.

This could be considered as a special spot for Cody Rhodes and could open up speculation about the possibilities at Fyter Fest. Could we have a big heel turn? Could there be a major surprise?

Ways to Watch Fyter Fest

It was announced on AEW's Twitter page that Fyter Fest will be broadcast and streaming free on the widely popular Bleacher Report app or website.

While this is great news for new and or potential market fans, it caused a ripple effect throughout the AEW locker room which then caused some early negative fallout.


According to his Twitter feed Chris Jericho has deliberately recused himself from Fyter Fest, citing "shameless pandering" as the reason.

Corey Taylor, lead singer of the rock band Slipknot and Jericho's band Fozzy have also pulled out of the event stating that "I stand in solidarity with Chris Jericho".

This is not the first time Taylor has been in a kayfabe story with a wrestler. On October 25th 2015, Taylor attended an NXT event where he was heckled by the Revival and slapped Baron Corbin in the face.

It should be noted that AEW's Twitter page, which is presumably run by Rhodes, Bucks, Omega etc. and retweeted Jericho's protest.

As a long-standing fan of professional wrestling, I smell a work in-progress. The last caveat to viewing Fyter Fest for free on Bleacher Report, you must sign-up as a new subscriber for their free service, or you must be an existing subscriber to their free service.

Card Breakdown

Michael Nakazawa vs. Jebailey 

Nakazawa vs. Jebailey
Nakazawa vs. Jebailey

Unfortunately I don't know enough about each performer other than their characters portrayed on YouTube's Being The Elite Channel.

I do see how popular Nakazawa is with the fans but his gimmick is a little too gimmick-ey. Indy appeal to characters can be different from mainstream programming, and while it is refreshing, it can also cause casual fans to change the channel. My assumption is Nakazawa will go over in this contest.

Christopher Daniels vs. CIMA

Daniels vs. CIMA
Daniels vs. CIMA

This match should appeal to the pure wrestling fan at heart. I started watching Daniels in the early to mid 2000's with TNA Wrestling and became an instant fan.

While he doesn't have the same build or pep he used to wrestle with, it is clear from DoN that his agenda was getting his team over or his opponent over. CIMA will take this singles match.

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho vs Nyla Rose

Sakazaki vs. Riho vs. Rose
Sakazaki vs. Riho vs. Rose

One of the highlights of DoN were the women's matches, both highlighted by Awesome Kong and Aja Kong, both matches considered a success and a highlight.

Specifically highlighting the Joshi form of Japanese Wrestling within the Women's Division. This match should not fall short of those you saw at DoN.

While Nyla Rose didn't get the full exposure she could have received, she should walk away with the dub, as AEW's Monster in the Women's Division.

Adam Page vs. MJF vs. Jungle Boy vs. Jimmy Havoc

Page vs. Jungle Boy vs. Havoc vs. MJF
Page vs. Jungle Boy vs. Havoc vs. MJF

With this bout on paper being the potential show stealer, we have a lot to look forward to. From Page's continued dominance to MJF's heel push to understanding Jungle Boy's in-ring talent to Havoc's expansion of his character.

There is a lot to desire with this match and we can only assume Hangman will be leaving with the momentum victory a few months before his Championship match with Chris Jericho at AEW's All Out PPV in September.

Cody vs. Darby Allin

Cody vs. Darby
Cody vs. Darby

There is certainly intrigue with this program. Darby cut a very deep and personal promo on Cody in an episode of Being The Elite.

Cody is clearly impressed with this young talent's journey and wrestling acumen. This match is the wild card. Unfortunately, I don't see Darby winning the match unless he is setup to begin a new program with someone else. At which point, it should be a dirty finish.

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janella

Moxley vs. Janella
Moxley vs. Janella

Clearly the bout most are looking forward to, this is your backyard wrestling legend of the past meeting the hardcore delight's present.

There certainly is something beautiful about someone giving their body to the sport in sacrifice of the fans, and while Janella can hang with Moxley again we run into a situation were momentum is king right now for AEW. Moxley over Janella.

Kenny Omega / Young Bucks vs. Pentagon Jr. / Fenix / Surprise Competitor

Omega and Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros and TBA
Omega and Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros and TBA

We have seen Bucks and Lucha Bros. in the past and usually this is the show steal match. Adding a layer of Kenny Omega is just icing on the cake, so we must talk about the unannounced competitor.

Speculation is PAC's debut with AEW and others think a former WWE wrestler. PAC is a fair speculation as it is clear that AEW isn't about to burn bridges with anyone.

While PAC wasn't willing to do business with Adam Page at DoN, he still may have had long term plans with the company.

Moxley was a huge delivery and boost to the AEW product, so they will be shooting themselves in the foot if they deliver a less than Moxley calibre performer to surprise the fans in the main event.

No telling who will pickup the win without knowledge of the additional competitor, however for the sake of playing politics, Bucks and Omega for with win.

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