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AEW News: Brandi Rhodes says Shawn Spears' 15 minutes of fame is up

Karan Bedi
918   //    16 Aug 2019, 10:29 IST

There will be blood
There will be blood

In The Road to AEW All Out - Ep 6, Brandi Rhodes cut a promo on Shawn Spears and says that his 15 minutes of fame are up!

Shawn Spears recently attacked Cody Rhodes at Fyter Fest and hit him with a vicious chair shot. Cody Rhodes bled profusely on the ring mat and received 10 stitches to the back of his head.

Shawn Spears revealed that he hit Cody Rhodes for calling him a good hand. He also said that Cody Rhodes is a leech who uses people and throws them away when he's done with them. Spears has brought in Tully Blanchard as his manager. Blanchard fought Dusty Rhodes several times and will be by Shawn Spears' side at All Out.

Brandi Rhodes cut a promo on Shawn Spears, speaking on behalf of the Rhodes family. She said that for 13 years, people have been wondering why Cody Rhodes is at the top of his game. She also said that there is a difference between being a wrestler and a pro wrestler and Cody is an exemplary pro wrestler.

Brandi Rhodes said that Spears threw his friendship with Cody down the drain once he threw that chair shot. She further explained that it was unforgiving and Cody didn't even get a hand up. Brandi Rhodes revealed what she actually thinks of Shawn Spears.

"That blood that I saw pooling out of the back of his head may as well have been a mirror into your future. I have seen that man take a back drop on his neck! I've seen him take a ring bell to the skull! I've sat at home on my couch and watched while he climbed a 20-foot steel cage and moonsault off it only to eat s***."

"But you know what, he got back up, he always...gets...back...up. Can you say the same? So, now you've dragged Tully Blanchard into this mess and I'm not even going to pretend to know what inhabits that man's mind, this many years removed feuding with Dusty, but I do know this."
"Ten staples to the back of my beloved's head, that was your 15 minutes. I really hope you enjoyed them!"

This is probably Brandi Rhodes' best promo to date. She tells a very compelling story of who Cody Rhodes is and what Shawn Spears can expect. The Rhodes-Spears match could end being a very bloody affair and may steal the show at All Out. Wrestling fans are in for something special.