AEW News: Cody Rhodes responds to WWE Hall of Famer, gets praised by top politician

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

What's the story?

AEW EVP Cody Rhodes recently responded to WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry's question about him trying to bring in diversity in AEW.

American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a tweet and thanked Cody for speaking up on the topic of diversity, and sharing his experience.

In case you didn't know...

Cody Rhodes has had an incredible 2019 so far. AEW spent months on end hiring some of the biggest Superstars on the pro-wrestling scene. Megastars like Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, and Jon Moxley are now a part of the promotion.

Last night, AEW's first show "Double Or Nothing" took the wrestling world by storm. An excellent show was capped off by the shocking debut of Jon Moxley, formerly know as Dean Ambrose in WWE. Later, Tony Khan revealed Moxley's contract details in a post-show interview.

Cody himself competed in a bloody brawl against his brother Dustin Rhodes, who was recently granted his release by WWE.

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The heart of the matter

While talking with WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry in a media conference last night, Cody spoke in length on diversity in AEW.

Mark Henry pointed out the fact that he witnessed a lot of diversity in the show. He asked Cody whether it was done intentionally or is he actually trying to bring in diversity to AEW. Cody recalled an exchange he had with his wife, Brandi.

One time I told Brandi, 'I don't see color', and she said, 'well, then you don't see my experience'. And I thought, 'oh, you're right'. I can't just say that. You need to be able to see that experience and at least understand it. And the old territory system of 'just one', that's out! That's a really diverse profile and we're proud of it. But we're not gonna make it a PR element.

The video was retweeted by American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who hailed Cody Rhodes for his views on diversity.

What's next?

Things are going really well for Cody at the moment. Hopefully, AEW takes off and goes on to become a legit big-time promotion in the coming days.

What are your thoughts on Cody's comments?

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