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AEW News: Dustin Rhodes reveals what he told Sonny Kiss prior to Fight for the Fallen

543   //    15 Jul 2019, 07:17 IST

Dustin Rhodes gave some good advice to the young wrestler.
Dustin Rhodes gave some good advice to the young wrestler.

What's the story?

Dustin Rhodes has wrestled for more years than a lot of current wrestlers have years on Earth. Since he's a veteran in a new promotion, he imparts his knowledge to anyone who is willing to listen.

Rhodes revealed in a post-show media session that prior to the show last night, he helped to calm Sonny Kiss down and told him that 'being nervous is a good thing'.'s Nick Hausman asked the question to the living legend.

In case you didn't know . . .

Rhodes has had a career that has spanned almost four decades. He has been a member of WWF/WWE, WCW and now All Elite Wrestling. He is 50 years old but has appeared to have rejuvenated himself over the last four or five years.

The heart of the matter

The man formerly known as Goldust, has a wealth of knowledge that he can pass on to the next generation of wrestlers. He's had hundreds of matches and has seen a lot of people and trends come and go in the business.

Since he has a wealth of experience playing a character that is both unique and controversial, he knows how to act it out for crowds.

While things have changed a lot regarding what still is and isn't accepted in the ring, one thing that will never change is that people will always have nerves before performing.

Rhodes revealed in the media session after the show that he was in the locker room before the event and took Sonny Kiss aside to help the young wrestler get centered.

"I like Sonny, and I think I can show him a lot of stuff because of the stuff I used to do," Rhodes said. "He came in our room and he was just nervous. I put my arm around him and said, 'Sonny, just relax. You're nervous, and when you're nervous that means you care. When you stop being nervous, you will not care anymore. You're going to go out there and you're going to do fine.' You just gotta to pep talk them up a bit. Calm down, go through your things slowly and he'll get it in time. We all do, it takes time to build a character. It doesn't happen overnight. He'll find his thing, his way, and he'll skyrocket because I see some good things with him."

What's next?

Rhodes is correct when he says that Kiss will 'skyrocket' because he has already shown a great amount of both athleticism and charisma. If Rhodes leaves his boots and gloves in the ring, maybe he should turn his attention to helping out with talent backstage. He seems to be good at it.