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AEW News: Goldust a.k.a. Dustin Rhodes reveals his future

Karan Bedi
1.31K   //    23 Aug 2019, 20:19 IST

Interesting Things Ahead
Interesting Things Ahead

In an interview with VultureHound, Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) gave a glimpse into his future at AEW and his career. With regards to retirement, Goldust did not give an end date as to when his in-ring career will be coming to a conclusion. He also hopes to be training the next generation of AEW stars that will be coming in through the door.

Suffice it to say that Goldust has probably had the best matches of his career in AEW. His epic encounter with Cody Rhodes at Double or Nothing was a 5-star quality match and tore the house down. At Fight for the Fallen, he teamed with his brother against The Young Bucks in another well-received bout.

In professional wrestling, the character of Goldust will go down in history as one of the better known characters in WWE. It is a testament to Dustin Rhodes' talent that he was able to take a character that was edgy and made it survive for more than 20 years; a character that was overtly sexual and often a bizare oddity somehow fit perfectly within the WWE PG environment.

His return as The Natural was an amalgamation of his various characters throughout his career. When Dustin Rhodes fought his brother at Double or Nothing, he brought all his talent and knowledge to make it the best match of the night.

When asked what his future plans were, Dustin Rhodes didn't confirm that his in-ring career was over.

"'I know what my body is capable of, so I do not have an end date to share with you."

Dustin Rhodes has also expressed interest in starting a wrestling school for AEW, much like the performance center in WWE. His goal is to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. But he did admit that he is yet to speak to Tony Khan himself.

"I have not spoken to him about it, but I will have one, one day."

Dustin Rhodes also teased that there are big things to come for AEW.

"They are already breaking sell-out records, and their fanbase is strong. Gonna be a fun ride if you're on the train. And as always, thank you, and #KeepSteppin #NeverLookBack."

It remains to be seen when and how Dustin Rhodes will retire. But from the looks of it, that's not going to be anytime soon.