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AEW News: Jim Cornette expresses his opinion on Kenny Omega's controversial NXT comments 

Shubham Roy
Published Sep 26, 2019
Sep 26, 2019 IST

Kenny Omega as the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion
Kenny Omega as the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion

In the latest episode of Jim Cornette's Drive Thru! podcast, the former color commentator of WWE discussed the ongoing controversies surrounding Kenny Omega.

In an interview conducted by Sportskeeda, The Best Bout Machine made some rather interesting comments regarding the subject of The Wednesday Night Wars surrounding AEW and WWE NXT that stirred up quite a controversy over the Internet. Both of the programs would be broadcasted at the same time, although on different networks.

Omega's comments

Kenny Omega said in the interview with Sportskeeda that although he doesn't necessarily view the competition between AEW and WWE NXT as a war, he referred to the Superstars of The Black and Yellow Brand as developmental talents and said that they if they were in the same promotion with Kenny, they would only get to wrestle in dark matches or be in the picture for his main event match.

He further added that people would get to witness "real stars" in the form of AEW's roster in their television sets every week instead of developmental talents.

Jim Cornette's views on the matter

Jim Cornette, while discussing on the matter alluded to the fact that the co-host & producer of the podcast, The Great Brian Last, had thought of Kenny Omega's comments on NXT as a scripted promo rather than Omega's original views on the matter and that he might have been in character during the interview.

Cornette also asked Brian if he thought that Omega was switching his character from that of a babyface to a heel and if he had any insight on the matter, to which Brian replied that he did not really have any information, but he thought that they might have been doing this to make him more interesting as a character, and present him to a much wider audience in the United States.


Cornette further added:

Ok, then here's the problem I also have with is besides the fact that it doesn't make any sense for him to say things like that if he's a babyface, if they're switching heel and you don't really know then that means, they're probably not doing a good job of switching him heel but he's also publicly a vice-president.
So, would he want to be saying that about guys that whenever they become available, if they ever become available that they would probably snatch up or need to snatch up as soon as possible in All Elite Wrestling? So, does he want to be on record saying that they are opening match guys when in six months or whenever the f*** it might, that if any of these guys become available they will also have to sign them by somewhat popular demand? So, is that smart?

He wrapped up the session by praising NXT's athletic talent and said that they are probably the only competitor to AEW in terms of audience viewership. He concluded by saying that the audience would see through Omega's comical gestures and if given the opportunity, certain wrestlers at NXT may outperform Omega.

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