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AEW News: Tony Khan reveals details of AEW's weekly shows

10.93K   //    29 May 2019, 07:22 IST

All Elite Wrestling
All Elite Wrestling

What's the story?

AEW Double or Nothing was an incredible success for the newest wrestling promotion on the scene -- All Elite Wrestling. AEW will soon be premiering on TNT in the Fall with a regular weekly television show. AEW's owner, Tony Khan, revealed details about the show recently in an interview with Busted Open

In case you didn't know...

Ever since All Elite Wrestling was first announced, it was implied that the company would focus far more on the wrestling aspect rather than on the 'Sports Entertainment' aspect of the show.

The product which WWE has put out in their last two decades of domination over the professional wrestling has seen them focus far more on the 'entertainment' aspect rather than the 'wrestling' aspect. In fact, WWE has seen that the term 'wrestling' and 'wrestler' is not even used to describe what they do.

AEW has revealed that the wins and losses will have a significant impact on the manner of booking the wrestlers receive going forward, something that has been missing in WWE's 50-50 style of booking.

The heart of the matter

Tony Khan made an announcement regarding the future of the AEW's in-ring weekly shows which will be starting in the Fall of 2019. While no date is set officially, he revealed a few details about the shows.

He said that the shows will focus far more on the wrestling aspect and not the skits.

"We're going to provide, as I've always said, a serious sport-based product with the best wrestling, with the best bell-to-bell. Along the lines that you saw [at Double or Nothing]. Something you're going to notice more and more in our shows is they're going to take place in and around the ring. We're not gonna go out of the arena, we're not going to spend half the show backstage in dressing rooms or choreographed segments." - (h/t Fightful)

He said that there would be skits and segments to help move the storyline forward with other segments, but they would not be taking place on the show. He mentioned the 'Being the Elite' YouTube series and said that would continue but not during the show itself as he wanted the product to be more serious, thereby bringing a balance between both.

"There's plenty of time outside the matches to focus on storyline advancement and funny sketches. We can do all that -- and nobody does that comedy better than our guys. There's nothing funnier in wrestling than BTE. But there's a time and a place for it. People love BTE but you don't want to do 'haha, funny' on a serious wrestling show. We have a great balance between the two and we're going to keep doing that." - (h/t Fightful)

What's next?

The show will be debuting sometime in the Fall of 2019. However, before that AEW will be putting on Fyter Fest next on the 29th of June, followed by Fight for the Fallen in July, and All Out in August.