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AEW News: [Watch] Backstage footage of Jon Moxley at Double or Nothing 

Karan Bedi
3.22K   //    28 May 2019, 01:26 IST

Moxley in the house!
Moxley in the house!

What's the story?

On Being The Elite, Episode 154 reveals how Jon Moxley made his entry on AEW Double or Nothing. The video also reveals behind-the-scenes look at the morning of the PPV.

In case you didn't know...

Jon Moxley created quite the sensation after Chris Jericho defeated Kenny Omega in the AEW Double or Nothing main event. The crowd went wild as Moxley hit a version of the Dirty Deeds on Chris Jericho and the referee. He then proceeded to do the same to Kenny Omega but Omega fought back.

Omega and Moxley brawled outside the ring until they arrived on the poker chips set piece where Omega was subjugated to the Dirty Deeds. Jon Moxley then put him in a fireman's carry and threw Kenny Omega off the poker and onto the stage. The PPV ended with Moxley firmly standing on the top as he had made his mark in a big way at AEW.

The heart of the matter

As reported earlier, Being The Elite revealed backstage footage on how Jon Moxley made his entrance at the AEW Double or Nothing PPV. Jon Moxley is constantly shown to be in character as he revs himself up before he makes his entrance.

Being The Elite episode 154 also revealed how the ring and stage were built during the course of time. It also shows the Young Bucks, Cody and Kenny Omega clowning around with the AEW Championship. The video also showcases Cody in the Gorilla position as they await Jon Moxley to make his debut on the PPV.

What's next?

AEW's first major PPV was an unprecedented success. There were missteps but wrestling fans were more excited than they ever were before. One thing is for sure. Jon Moxley will be a big part of AEW, especially when they make their debut on TNT.

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