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AJ Styles vs John Cena: 5 ways the match could end at WWE Royal Rumble 2017

Will John Cena win his 16th world title at the Royal Rumble?

AJ Styles will defend his WWE Championship against John Cena at the Royal Rumble

One of the most hyped matches at this year’s Royal Rumble is the much awaited 3rd singles match between John Cena and AJ Styles. This will be the first time Cena and Styles will face off in a match with a championship on the line, and with Cena on the verge of his 16th title, the match has an extra layer of importance.

The build-up to the match has Cena and Styles at each other’s throats, showing a level of disdain and hatred for each other that we haven’t really seen before between them. Styles has been justifiably unhappy at the way WWE have diminished him, especially with his placement on the Royal Rumble poster.

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Cena on the other hand has shown nothing but disdain for Styles and his title run, also exhibiting heel-ish tendencies that we haven’t seen from him in a while.

Regardless of who wins, this match could very well steal the show, especially if their match at SummerSlam is anything to go by. As the time for the much-awaited match draws near, let’s take a look at 5 possible ways this match could end.

#5 AJ Styles wins with the help of Anderson and Gallows…..again

Will Gallows and Anderson be Styles’ trump card again?

When AJ Styles and John Cena faced off for the first time, the match itself was stellar but it ended with the blemish of Gallows and Anderson interfering on behalf of Styles and costing Cena the match.

With Gallows and Anderson in the Alamodome for the Rumble, it only makes sense that Styles would ask for help from his “good brothers” as a contingency plan. The only problem with this finish, other than the fact that we’ve seen it before, is that it would be a terribly underwhelming finish to one of the biggest title matches in recent memory.

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