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WWE / TNA Rumours: Alberto Del Rio headed to TNA?

TNA are in a hot pursuit for the former WWE World Champion

Is Mexico’s Greatest Export headed to TNA?

Alberto Del Rio was released from WWE late last week after both parties had come to a mutual agreement to release him from his contract a month before his contract expired. Del Rio was also serving a 30-day suspension during the time. 

Del Rio's second tenure with WWE was a huge dud, to say the least. He had gained immense popularity and momentum after he was released the first time around, wrestling as Alberto Del Rio in the indies, even appearing in Ring Of Honor, and more notably, with Lucha Underground.

In his first night back, at  Hell In A Cell, Del Rio returned to a huge reaction and even defeated John Cena clean for the United States Championship. Unfortunately, his pairing with Zeb Colter, who had been a rival during his previous run, and the whole “MexAmerica” angle fell unsurprisingly flat, and Del Rio wound up losing his momentum then onwards. 

It was unfortunate, but Del Rio seemed to have been losing his passion for wrestling, and his relationship with Paige didn’t do him any favours in the eyes of the WWE officials. He was intentionally separated from his girlfriend and he was in creative limbo for a long time. 

Del Rio finally got out, and he will be wrestling as Alberto El Patron once more. As of October, he will be able to wrestle in the United States as well. And while every promotion may want him, one promotion may want him more than the rest: TNA

TNA is said to be extremely interested in signing Del Rio. Del Rio will not go anywhere where he will be drug tested or suspended or fined for. He was reportedly using PEDs, which was the cause of his WWE Wellness Policy Violation.

TNA does not  fine or suspend talents for drug tests. However, it must be noted that Del Rio is looking to work only 60 dates in a year, and will be retiring in a couple of years. 

This would be unfavourable to TNA, who would be looking to utilize Mexico’s Greatest Export as best as they can. However, TNA is known for working a lighter schedule, so it may be possible for Del Rio, or rather, El Patron, to be a part-timer or a special attraction to TNA the way Brock Lesnar is to WWE.

Either way, Del Rio’s wrestling journey will end in about two years, so whichever promotion gets him will have to utilize him to the fullest.

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