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Alberto Del Rio makes interesting comment about stabbing, says that "situation is behind us"

Is Alberto Del Rio keeping important information of the stabbing away from the public?

Are we getting the full story from Alberto Del Rio?
Are we getting the full story from Alberto Del Rio?

Over the past couple of weeks, Alberto Del Rio has been in the media regarding his recent stabbing incident, which caused him to miss his scheduled match for AAA the night of TNA Bound for Glory.

Initially, many felt that he had once again decided to stand up to the company, this time going to TNA. When he did not show up in TNA, the next option was that he could show up for the Impact Wrestling tapings. However, he did not appear there either. 

Unfortunately, news came out within hours that the former WWE World Champion, now known as Alberto El Patron, was involved in a stabbing incident at a restaurant. He ended up being a part of a scuffle with an assailant, who pulled out a knife and starting stabbing him repeatedly.

Thankfully, the wounds were not severe, and he was able to compete at a scheduled event in New Castle, UK. 



A photo posted by Alberto El Patron (@el_patron_alberto) on Oct 3, 2016 at 6:34pm PDT

Initially, the report told by Del Rio was that he was at a restaurant, and he received medical attention and filed a police report. Interestingly, reports surfaced that officers did not recall a report filed.

Subsequently, another explanation came out from Del Rio, stating that he was stabbed by a “homeless man” outside the restaurant, and that his girlfriend Paige was with him. While he also stated that his phone got lost in the scuffle, Paige’s phone was never reported missing, and a 911 call was never recorded, or at least never reported.

Now, there is another layer in the story. During his most recent interview with former ECW and WWE Tag Team Champion Taz, Del Rio stated that he was defending Paige, which is how the altercation started. Perhaps the most head-stratching comment he made was, “Now, we're good. Like I said, with that [situation] behind [us], we are [ready] for bigger and better things” (h/t WrestlingINC).

That comment is incredibly controversial if examined beyond the surface. How does “now, we’re good”, “that situation behind us”, and “we’re ready for bigger and better things” explain a third party’s multiple stab wounds on Del Rio? Would not the both of them attempt to follow up with the situation, hoping to get someone who is carrying a knife and willfully stabbing someone over a verbal argument off the streets?

This situation overall is certainly one that remains inconsistent, and leaves many to wonder what actually happened that evening. 

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