Aleister Black had a hand in the change of his entrance music [Exclusive]

More changes are coming to Aleister Black character
More changes are coming to Aleister Black character

The WWE rosters are shuffling this weekend as the annual Draft takes place on RAW and SmackDown. One Superstar who has changed brands on a number of occasions in recent years is Aleister Black. The Dutch Destroyer finds himself in the Night 2 draft pool, which means he will presumably hear his name called this coming Monday.

If Black does end up switching brands again and lands on SmackDown, it will become just the latest change for a man who has undergone a series of character tweaks in recent weeks. The most notable change is Black's updated theme music. Many fans were not happy when WWE switched from "Root of All Evil" to Brutality Will Prevail's "No Man's Land", but Aleister himself loves the change.

Speaking to Sportskeeda on Friday, Aleister Black says he's very happy with the new theme:

"I love it because it goes hand in hand with the new change. And, you know, the thing is like, you, you've only heard it once and you've not heard it in a complete setting. You've heard a rough version without the bells and whistles and the bells and whistles are very much coming."

Black says his character has changed so dramatically that he did not want anything of the original version of it, to that extent, to be left alive. He said the old song had to go and hopefully fans will see the full presentation of the new Aleister Black this coming Monday on RAW.

"What you saw was 20 percent of what it was supposed to be in terms of what we were planning on doing. So, you know, give it, give it some time."

Aleister Black says he even had a hand in writing the lyrics to make sure the new song aligned well with his updated persona.

Aleister Black says his eye injury angle was a necessity

Aleister Black sporting his new black eye look
Aleister Black sporting his new black eye look

When asked about his run on the main roster, Aleister Black could not be more grateful for the opportunities he's had. He knows some fans have viewed his booking as a bit lackluster since being brought up from NXT early last year, but at the same time he's gotten to work with some of the best the business has to offer.

The former NXT Champion told Sportskeeda that it's always an honor to get to compete alongside or against the likes of Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins. Of course his encounter with the Monday Night Messiah this year led to his right eye being jammed into the steel ring steps, and Black says that was the catalyst for the change fans are witnessing now.

"I am rarely one to complain. I'm rarely one to see negatives in things, in that regard. So, um, obviously, you know, it was time for a change. And then obviously when my, I got pushed into the stairs, that was the change that I needed ... We'll see where that takes me."

Aleister Black says that if nothing else, he has proven to be a valuable, reliable and versatile talent over the last couple of years.

Black is currently embroiled in a heated rivalry with Kevin Owens. The two are set to do battle this Monday on RAW in what could be their final night on the same brand. Aleister told Sportskeeda that wherever he ends up, even if it's back on NXT, there is a path to success for him.


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