Alicia Atout reveals why she signed exclusively with MLW

Atout recently joined MLW
Atout recently joined MLW
Gary Cassidy

Late last year, Alicia Atout signed a multi-year agreement with Major League Wrestling (MLW) in a move that definitely took the wrestling world by storm.

Prior to the signing, I had the pleasure of catching up with Alicia to chat about how she grew up watching wrestling, as well as her time working with IMPACT Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling, in an interview you can watch below or read aboutΒ here.

After joining MLW, though, Alicia Atout would speak on the Conversations With Love podcast about why she opted for Major League Wrestling - and just how the move came about!

"It was really surreal for me when talks about a contract came my way because that's something I feel a lot of people in wrestling really, really strive for, and it's a very big thing when someone's like, 'Hey, we want you to be exclusive to us. We want you all in. We want to put time into having you and really make you a face of our brand.' And so, when they approached me, I was like, 'Oh, this is cool.'"

Atout would go on to confirm she was already a fan of MLW before they reached out - not just of the product but also because of Court Bauer's business prowess.

"Like, I watched the product, I'm friends with the locker room. It just felt right. I'd heard so many great things about Court, the owner, how he's always hustling and has such a passion for it. Even if you look at his Twitter feed, he's constantly on the move just trying to make new deals and better things for the brand."

The Interview Queen would state that everything really came together after her first event with MLW.

"It was really emotional for me because I didn't know if I would get signed because a lot of the stuff I did before, it was just - I show up, I do my thing and I leave. A lot of fans speculated I was signed to other companies, but I never was, and I never said I was. So when I came to them approaching me, I was like, 'Yeah, I'm going to do this because I just, I feel happy when I'm in that locker room or when I'm doing promos or working with their production team. Like it's just a really, really good vibe with frickin' awesome wrestling.'"

Atout would conclude that it just felt like it was meant to be and that she's glad her first-ever contract in professional wrestling was with MLW.

"So it just all felt like - it is so cheesy, but it felt like it was meant to be in a sense. So I'm really glad that my first ever contract in professional wrestling was signed and it was with them!"

Thanks to Spencer Love of WCSN for the transcription!

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Edited by Anurag Sharma
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