Are Drew McIntyre and Sheamus friends in real life?

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus have a long history together
Drew McIntyre and Sheamus have a long history together

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus had their most prominent feud in 2021 during the Thunderdome Era of WWE. In late 2020, they were allies on-screen, until Sheamus turned on McIntyre.

But are McIntyre and Sheamus friends in real life? The answer is yes. They've been on their wrestling journey together since the Scotsman was 19 years old.

Both McIntyre and Sheamus were up-and-comers in the UK independent wrestling scene and faced each other on numerous occasions, which probably explains why their matches in WWE were so good.

On Busted Open Radio, McIntyre opened up about his past with Sheamus:

“We started working together in Europe, wherever we could get our reps in. Eventually, we got signed together, came to America together, ended up in FCW together and still chasing the dream," McIntyre said. "The night I won the Intercontinental Title, he won the World Title. We were both sitting there like, ‘What is going on with life?'" (H/T Fightful)

Drew McIntyre said he was happy that he and Sheamus were able to tell their story on WWE television.

"He was there for the good times and bad times. I wouldn’t get through a lot of them without him being there for me. He’s always been such a big brother for me," McIntyre added. "To come back to the company and get that moment with the title and him being there. Finally, after 20 years, we got a chance to put our story on television."

McIntyre said his only regret was that he and Sheamus didn't have enough time to have a full feud on RAW.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus' story from 2020-2021

Sheamus enjoyed a career resurgence on RAW in late 2020 when he aligned with Drew McIntyre. Their partnership was popular among WWE fans but in early 2021, Sheamus turned on McIntyre.

However, they never had a full-fledged feud. McIntyre was in pursuit of the WWE title and defeated Sheamus at Fastlane in a match that had no actual stakes.

It's understandable why McIntyre and Sheamus want more time for a long storyline to play out. The duo have a nearly two-decade-long history together and have shown that they're capable of putting on great matches. It's a feud that would be popular in front of a live crowd.

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