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Austin wants to match John Cena, praises Finn Balor and Sting

Ratish Menon
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Steve Austin is one the cover of WWE 2K 16

In a recent interview to promote WWE 2K 16, WWE Hall of famer and the 2K 16 cover star Steve Austin spoke on a number of things, including dream matches and what he thinks of the present talents in the WWE.

Below are some highlights:

Who would he have liked to wrestle in a dream match?

Austin has a ton of dream matches and says he can talk about it all day. However, Andre the Giant was one of the guys he had a lot of respect for and only got to meet him one time, so he would be keen to play the legend as himself in the game.

Among the current crop of guys, he is mighty impressed with Finn Balor and expresses his admiration for his talents. “I think is an outstanding talent and a veteran who’s moved to WWE, but a guy who is probably one of the best wrestlers in the world” says Austin.

His thoughts on the no.1 guy on the roster at present, John Cena

Austin talked about how he respected John Cena’s work-ethic and the fact that he puts up with the tiring road schedule for the company, with a smile on his face and has an undying passion for the business, despite being on top for over a decade.”You talk about a road warrior, a guy that works his tail off, shows up with a smile on his face every single day and adds himself to shows when he’s needed. Hell, even when he’s not needed, the guy just loves to get on the road, and he loves the company that much. He’s an absolute workhorse.”

On a potential match-up between the two of them, Austin is all gung-ho. He is all praise about Cena’s abilities in the ring and is confident he can bring out an intense side of him that nobody has ever seen from Cena. “I’ve seen John Cena have great matches with so many great talents, but I don’t think there’s anybody that could light his a** up to a level of intensity more than myself as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin“. 

What he thinks of a possible match against Sting at Baltimore Arena

Austin has fond memories of the Baltimore Arena, as a place that was rough owing to not having been upgraded for a while. He mentioned how Sting was over wherever he went, but the Baltimore arena was a particular stronghold, just like Chicago was for 'Stone Cold'. 

He isn't opposed to that match-up either and says, "I tell you what, that ain’t a bad matchup and he’s another guy that I worked with many times down in WCW. When he was on top, I was kind of a mid-card guy and we had great matches. It would be great to play “Stone Cold” vs. Sting in any arena you can pick, and if you’re going to pick the Baltimore Arena, I’m down with that.”

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