Behind-the-scenes rumours about WWE mulling RAW and SmackDown brand split

Coming soon?

There might be more to Shane McMahon’s return than meets the eye. With Mr. McMahon’s elder child announcing his intention to claim the WWE’s flagship show, RAW for himself, tongues are wagging about the possibility of the promotion reverting to its two-show format.

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And it’s not just the fans who are abuzz with the thought. According to PWI, there were murmurs within the WWE on a possible bifurcation well before Shane’s return. And as expected with a project of this magnitude, the folks backstage have their cards suffocatingly close to their chest. There isn’t an inkling of how and when or any other such details.

The possibility of NXT being involved in the undertaking wasn’t touched upon by PWI. With the amount of bankable talent left rudderless in the WWE, a brand split might be just what the company needs. The introduction of a few new championships could be a part of the package, wishfully speaking.

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