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NXT- 5 Points to Note: 2 November, 2016

Injuries, forfeits and hard hitting, high flying action from the second round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament

Top 5 / Top 10 03 Nov 2016, 12:47 IST
No way that Jose’s winning this competition, sadly

Today’s episode of NXT was a little different from prior episodes. Not only because it only consisted of four matches (well one non-match and three matches, but we’ll get into that later), but because the action was not filmed at Full Sail University. Instead, we travelled with the NXT crew on their historic (they said it, not us) tour of California.

The action came to us this week, from San Jose. NXT broadcaster, Charly Caruso, acted as the anchor for the show, as we travelled back and forth from the ring to the brackets in the tournament. This was a nice format breaker, and hey, we got more Charly, so we’re not complaining.

A lot of what happened in today’s show was interesting, although the results were predictable. The third round should be the actual proving ground for the contestants, where there are no makeshift teams, and there’s an element of surprise with regard to the outcome of the matches. We’ve droned on enough.

Let’s travel straight to California, where Austin Aries has appeared in dark glasses.

#5 A kayfabe injury?

This was one of the more puzzling sequences, this week

As far as we know, Scott Dawson is not really injured. But he has a kayfabe injury to his knees, which made The Revival bow out of the tournament this week, in their much-anticipated match against #DIY. This is a rather puzzling development.

We can only think of one reason for the same: making the champions look dominant, and not having to eat a pin through the course of the tournament. #DIY ascended the ranks by forfeit, and need to take on The Authors of Pain in the next round. 

Now, this is a contest that should be very interesting. Can #DIY topple the giants, come the third round? Or will pure power prevail, next week?

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