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Best and Worst of Raw - 12th December 2016

Two tag team title matches for the New Day, and a glimpse of what happens behind closed doors between Rusev and Lana

Same story, different Raw episode 

This week’s Raw, live from the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, PA did have its moments, but it was also much of the same stuff that WWE has been doling out on a weekly basis.

What is heartening to see these days is that there’s a thread that runs through Monday Night Raw, from the first segment to the last making it seem like one big cohesive unit. But there are certain annoying things that WWE continues to do on a weekly basis, that simply ruin the experience for many of us.

Here’s what worked for us, and what failed to deliver!

#1 Worst: One mega botch and several mini botches

Big Cass spoke on, through the music

It wouldn’t be a Monday Night Raw without fumbling and general sloppiness on the commentary by Michael Cole and Byron Saxton, would it?

Even this week, they stumbled on certain words, on many occasions. One comical segment consisted of the three announcers trying to sell the WWE Network, and Eric Bischoff's last soldier, Saxton mentioning WCW ahead of WWE. Oops! But that wasn’t the biggest botch of the night.

When Rusev and Lana showed footage of them destroying Enzo Amore, Enzo’s buddy Cass would step out to deliver his promo. Except his music would not stop. So Cass would talk through the music! It looked and sounded extremely awkward all throughout the segment. 

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