Best and Worst of Raw: 13th March, 2017

Even the Heart Break Kid could not save the show
Riju Dasgupta

We’re only a few weeks away from Wrestlemania, and it does not feel so at all, truth be told. Raw had picked up in quality a few weeks ago, but we’re back to the same old dreary filler episodes we’ve come to associate with the show.

Even the hot crowd at the Joe Louis Arena in Detriot, Michigan could not save this show from dragging on and on and on for three hours. Well, we promise you that we won’t do the same, so let’s head straight into the ‘Best and Worst’ of Raw.

#1 Best: Seth Rollins cleared to compete?

Don’t go by this picture

We had to wait almost three hours before the first really good segment of WWE’s flagship show. This was where the tension between Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon finally came to a head and Triple H interfered to meet a friend he's met several times in the past: Mr Socko.

When it looked like Foley would make The King of Kings choke out, he suffered a low blow from Stephanie McMahon, continuing his trend of being emasculated by her.

In any case, Seth Rollins came to the rescue, albeit with crutches. Lo and behold... he threw away the crutches and got into the first real fight he’s ever gotten into with The King of Kings. While Rollins ended up on the floor, we could see that he seems to have recovered and the Wrestlemania match now looks like a real possibility.

It also seems that the time off has finally made Rollins into a viable babyface, considering that the crowd seemed to actually be rooting for him. Let’s hope that the Battle of the Pedigrees delivers!

#1 Worst: Making Shawn Michaels look like a chump

When his segment was done, HBK looked really stupid

When Roman Reigns called out The Undertaker after his match of the year contender against Jinder Mahal, Shawn Michaels showed up instead. Mr Wrestlemania. Perhaps the greatest WWE Superstar of all time, in the flesh. Then, he told Roman Reigns that he was on Reigns’ side against The Undertaker, and he was drowned in a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Of course, Roman Reigns cannot be made to look weak on WWE television and therefore he made the comment- ‘The Undertaker ended your career. And I’m going to end his’. Way to bury a Hall of Famer, Creative! To be quite honest, the whole segment seemed pointless.

#2 Best: The new Tom Phillips is here

As always, Jericho made us smile even during this absolutely lacklustre show

When he was a heel, the whole crowd cheered for him. Now, as a babyface, the man is totally on fire. Much like JeriKO used to do with Tom Phillips, Jericho picked on the unassuming Mike Rome, confusing him with Tom Phillips, who is currently the fourth commentator on SmackDown.

For his troubles, Rome was put in the list. It’s great to see WWE fans genuinely cheer for a babyface. It’s such a tragedy that at his peak, Jericho may take time off after Wrestlemania, as rumours indicate.

#2 Worst: Anderson and Gallows have no common sense

Have these two men never watched WWE in their entire lives?

It pains us to think that WWE thinks we still believe the ‘we interfered in their match, so there won’t be a Wrestlemania match’ philosophy that The Club seemed to buy into, when they beat up both Enzo and Cass and Sheamus and Cesaro in the match to determine the Number 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships.

Anyone who’s even watched some WWE could see that matchup coming from a mile away. How about trying a little harder and coming up with a more compelling reason for the match, huh?

#3 Best: Evil Kevin Owens

The goofy comedy character seems to have disappeared for good

Kevin Owens is a bad ass and he means business.

While we miss his pairing with Chris Jericho, Owens seems more determined, focused and unlikeable than ever. Finally, in the Jericho vs. Owens contest, we have a real babyface who will get cheered and a real heel, who will get jeered. We will miss the funny Kevin Owens, but if this is who we get on a weekly basis...we can't complain!

#3 Worst: The return of Emma

Why are we doing yet another countdown to Emma's old avatar?

It is no secret that the Women's Division is understaffed, and we know you agree after seeing Nia Jax wrestle Bayley for what feels like the hundredth time in a span of a few months. Why do we need another countdown before Emma comes in?

Why can’t she just join the main roster, maybe as Dana Brooke's ally! Do we really need another countdown?

We end with a picture of two friends before an inevitable heel hurn, maybe for the very last time. Unlike Raw, they're not a drag to watch.


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