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Best and worst of RAW: December 25, 2017

Riju Dasgupta
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So how did the last RAW of the year fare?
So how did the last RAW of the year fare?

Every time WWE comes to Chicago, we know that the crowd will be raucous and incredibly loud. This holds true even on Christmas night. When WWE RAW began this week, the crowd was almost roaring. It set the stage for a pretty interesting episode.

As always, there were parts of the show that we liked and other parts that we did not enjoy as much. We've listed them here like we always do. And as is always the case, there were plenty of 'Bests' and 'Worsts' throughout the show.

Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments below. We would love to hear from you folks.

So, for the final time in 2017, here is the Best and Worst of Monday Night Raw.

#1 Best: Not a throwaway episode at all

Holiday editions of RAW are usually far worse
Holiday editions of RAW are usually far worse

WWE usually throws in the towel every time WWE coincides with a Holiday. We've seen far too many 4th of July specials to know that these special editions of RAW can be skipped without really missing much. This week's episode wasn't all that bad. In fact, certain aspects were actually good.

True, there were far too many squash matches for our liking. However, there were two title matches on the show. And surprisingly, we even saw a title change hands.

Chicago was a great city to host this episode in, honestly. The crowd came out in droves to watch their favourite RAW superstars compete in the ring.

Of course, it was Chicago so, of course, they did the most annoying thing in modern wrestling as well...

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