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Best and worst of RAW - 5 February, 2018 

Riju Dasgupta
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RAW had some good segments and plenty of bad ones too!
RAW had some good segments and plenty of bad ones!

RAW 25 was one of the highest rated shows in recent memory. The WWE RAW that followed in the aftermath of the Royal Rumble also had a pretty strong rating. We're sorry to say that RAW could not keep up the momentum this week. The show felt much weaker than RAW usually is.

Which brings us to this article. Longtime readers know that we at Sportskeeda Wrestling examine the 'Best and Worst' of every WWE show, immediately after it finishes airing. If it's your first time reading our post-show recap, we'd like to welcome you with a 'hello'.

As always we invite you to leave your comments in the section below. Let us know if you thought the show was good or bad, even if your views do not echo our own.

Let's begin with what we liked, before moving on to what we didn't quite enjoy.

#1 Best: The Sasha-Bayley face off

Could Banks be going heel soon?
Could Banks be going heel soon?

Sasha Banks is still one of the more strongly booked women on the roster right now, but she's not in the same position she once was, when she was feuding with Charlotte Flair. Bayley is not even at the same level right now...she's currently quite a few steps behind The Boss.

It is quite obvious from the face-off that the two women had in the backstage area, that one of them may be going heel. We have a feeling it will be Sasha Banks. Anyone who's watched NXT knows that Banks can be an incredible heel, and that can get Bayley over as a babyface.

Of course, both women also had great matches together in NXT. Maybe they can recreate the magic on the main roster?

This was certainly the most notable talking point from this week's show.

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