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Best and Worst of Raw- 6th March, 2017

We feel this episode of Raw was what Fastlane should have ideally been.

The winner gets his own yard at Wrestlemania

Last night, we complained that Fastlane was quite underwhelming and urged WWE to pull up their socks heading into Wrestlemania 33. To be fair to them, they did try to, at least this week on Raw. While it won’t be remembered as one of the better shows of the year, it was a show that built to Wrestlemania 33 and set many wheels in motion.

That too, in front of a vocal Chicago crowd who chanted for CM Punk at every given opportunity. Let’s take the time to look back at the episode and analyse the best and worst of Raw.

#1 Best: Handling the vocal Chicago crowd

Did you catch Triple H’s snide remark about Punk?

The Chicago crowd is known to be tough and even Goldberg was thrown off by the CM Punk chants this week. Stephanie McMahon seemed unaffected by the chorus of Punk chants though and spoke through the uproar, calling the audience ‘losers’ masterfully.

Triple H joined the show via satellite and immediately spoke about how WWE spares no expense to hire the best medical personnel and how doctor Kevin Wilk was the ‘best in the world’. This was a reference not only to Punk’s catchphrase but the fact that Punk was very critical of the medical care provided by WWE when he was down in the dumps with an injury.

While this may not be fair to the man himself, it was a great potshot at fans who keep chanting for a former talent that wants nothing to do with WWE or professional wrestling anymore. 

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