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Best and Worst of Raw - 9th January 2016

A huge title change and appearances by two legends made this episode fun!

The Undertaker announced that he'll be part of The Royal Rumble

This week, Raw was live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. You had The Undertaker AND Shawn Michaels appear during the course of the show, and of course, that’s always thrilling.

However, in our humble estimation, Raw did certain things right today and that helped it not step into the mire of boringness that had engulfed it during the weeks prior. As always, we bring you the best and worst recap of WWE’s flagship brand - Monday Night Raw.

#1 Best: Roman Reigns takes a clean pin

A rare sight indeed. Drink it in mannnn!

It took two men to do it, but it was finally accomplished. John Cena brought prestige to the US Championship by defending it every week in the open challenge. It was assumed that Roman Reigns would do the same with this mid-card championship.

Unfortunately, that wasn't to be. We’re glad it is off his shoulders now, and that a man who’s never been US Champion before now holds the coveted title. A definite future Hall of Famer, Y2J Chris Jericho.

Once again we reiterate that we don't hate Roman Reigns, we hate the way he was booked. When instead of defending his championship regularly, he's going for the Universal Championship time and again, there is a problem.

The problem becomes more apparent especially when it is clear that the WWE Universe does not want to see him being Mr. Superman who can never be pinned, every single week.

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