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Best and Worst of Smackdown Live - 17th January 2017

Two huge returns and great pacing made Smackdown a well-done show.

Two power-packed hours that just flew by, like every week

We’re getting tired of repeating ourselves, but we feel we must; until we are hoarse from screaming.

Smackdown Live is a much, much, better show than Raw is. Maybe it’s the talent, maybe it’s the pacing, maybe it's the writing, maybe it’s the lack of Stephanie McMahon, but once again the blue brand triumphs.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to pick negatives from the show, so for the sake of the 'worst’ in our countdown, we're glad JBL is still on Smackdown Live. Let’s head to the Fedex forum in Memphis, TN, for this week’s edition of ‘Best and Worst of Smackdown’.

#1 Worst: JBL falls down during rescue attempt

Thank you for existing, Botchmaster JBL

The returning Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler tried his best to piss off the already incensed Dolph Ziggler, in this edition of the King's Court on Smackdown. The segment revolved around Dolph Ziggler’s newfound attitude that has been the cause of much dissent of late.

An angered Ziggler would superkick The King, following this, his friend from the commentary booth, JBL would get up and try to rescue Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. Only, it would become a comedy of errors as JBL got entangled in ropes, falling in the process.

We’re glad David Otunga took a cheap shot at him later at the commentary desk. 

We’re not sure if we heard it right, but we believe he even referred to Lawler as Lawyer. Confused with David Otunga maybe? Also, we're not sure if this counts as a botch but Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton had a pretty sloppy exchange during their match too.

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