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Best and worst of SmackDown Live: 31st October, 2017

Not a bad show. Not a very good one either.

An entertaining show. But not a noteworthy show.
An entertaining show. But not a noteworthy show.

The Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA was loud and vocal as the Superstars of the blue brand brought the show to their city. There was nothing especially wrong with this episode, but then again, very little of consequence happened on the show too.

Let's look back at the two hours of action and analyse what worked and what failed to impress, across the duration of the episode. Here is our post-show 'Best and Worst' analysis, served hot and fresh for you.

We would love to hear from you, so let us know in the comments if you agree with our analysis, or if we missed out on any aspect of the show that caught your attention.

Here is our take on this week's SmackDown Live episode.

#1 Best: Shots fired at the Beast Incarnate

Are the Singh Brothers crazy?
Are the Singh Brothers absolutely crazy?

This week on SmackDown Live, we saw the Singh Brothers on the ramp, about to announce Jinder Mahal in their signature fashion. Only, this time, they called themselves the 'advocates' of Jinder Mahal, which was a deft little dig at Paul Heyman and his beast.

With Brock Lesnar only making limited appearances for RAW leading up to Survivor Series, this was a great way to get some heat on the program; something it desperately needs, because nobody sees Jinder Mahal vs. Brock Lesnar as anything but a squash match.

Another amusing thing to note was Jinder Mahal talking about Lesnar jumping around in the ring with a smile on his face. The Singh Brothers mimicked "The Beast" to the fullest, as they danced and pranced around too.

Guess we all know who's going to Suplex City next, then...

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