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WWE News: The Miz hits back hard at Baron Corbin on Twitter

3.64K   //    30 Oct 2017, 12:59 IST

The last time someone insulted Maryse, it did not go too well for him
The last time someone insulted Maryse, it did not go too well for him

What's the story?

The Miz just cut a brutal promo on Baron Corbin on Twitter. Corbin had sent him a message the previous week after SmackDown Live's invasion of Raw, where he talked about destroying the Raw locker room, and advised The Miz to stay at home and 'keep playing dress-up' with his wife.

The Miz's reply was late, but when it did come it was brutal. It reminded Corbin and WWE fans exactly how good Miz is at promos, and why it's better to not go head-to-head with him in a promo battle.

In case you didn't know....

SmackDown Live invaded Raw last week and wreaked havoc on the Raw locker room, taking out the stars that were present. The Miz was absent at that point of time, but Corbin sent a message to him on Twitter.

The Miz and Baron Corbin are set to face each other at Survivor Series, representing Raw and SmackDown Live as the Intercontinental and United States Champions respectively. The two started the war of words early on Twitter.

The heart of the matter

The Miz is known well for his brutal shoot-style promos. Baron Corbin should have thought twice before setting out to insult him on Twitter, as The Miz came back with a brutal reply.

His response on Twitter started with a compliment as he said that was 'the best promo' Miz had ever seen Corbin cut. He went on to say that it was odd as when it was The Miz cutting promos it was always in front of a huge crowd and millions at home inside a WWE ring. Corbin's best promo came from an iPhone video on social media.

He went on to say that for The Miz, the match at Survivor Series was not about Raw vs SmackDown Live, and was instead about making the Intercontinental Championship the most relevant and prestigious title in WWE. He called Corbin a "Twitter tough guy" and said that The United States Championship was 'working overtime' to make Corbin relevant.

He continued saying that to The Miz, Corbin was nothing more than another 'generic big man' who would be gone in two years.


He finished the promo by warning Corbin that if he ever talked about Maryse again, he would knock Corbin's teeth down his throat.

Watch the whole promo here:

What's next?

Raw is almost here again, and this time the Raw stars will be on the watch out for SmackDown Live should they decide to invade again.

The Miz and Baron Corbin are set to face each other in a Intercontinental Champion vs United States Champion match at Survivor Series.

Author's take

The Miz is epic at promos and will end up in the Hall of Fame as one of the best talkers in WWE. Corbin, in contrast, is not that good at promos, and it would be better for him if he sticks to what he excels at.

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