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Best and Worst of Wrestle Kingdom 12

Riju Dasgupta
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22.24K   //    04 Jan 2018, 19:45 IST

It was a spectacular night of wrestling
It was a spectacular night of professional wrestling

When one talks about professional wrestling, there's a tendency to think that its glory days are long behind us in 2018. One tends to flash his/her mind back to the Attitude Era, or even beyond, to the days when Hulkamania ran wild.

Every year on January 4th, this myth is shattered. We experience a showcase from the men of New Japan Pro Wrestling that exceeds our expectations, however high they may be, going in. A spectacle of awesomeness from a locker room that is as gifted as the one during WWE's Attitude Era.

This year, our experience was no different, really. The 'worsts' in this list are not really bad per se, but improvements that could have made this show absolutely perfect indeed.

Nearly 95% of this show fell into the 'Best' category'. Naturally, we cannot detail every element in this article. Therefore, we'll stick to the highlights right now. All we'll recommend for the time being, is that you subscribe to NJPW World, because it's well worth the price.

#1 Best: The dream match delivers

At the time of writing this article, Chris Jericho is 47 years of age. At this age, most people who've had the career that Jericho has had, hang up their boots and ride off into the sunset to make a very comfortable living. Jericho came over to NJPW to put over the best wrestler in the world. To do the honours, and pass the torch.

Every Chris Jericho fan knows that he's not a man to rest on his laurels. While he was not in the best shape of his life physically, he put on a show to remember with the greatest performer of our age, Kenny Omega. One that won't be easily forgotten by wrestling fans.

How often is it that a dream match is advertised as one, and actually lives up to the moniker? Mayweather vs. McGregor certainly left some fans with a bad taste in their mouth when it actually played out.

Jericho is like fine wine personified...a supremely talented soul who just becomes better with age.

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