Best and worst of WrestleMania 33

An emotional end to a really long show
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It isn’t often that WWE gets it right. It is much rarer for the WWE to get it right three nights in a row, one after the other. However, we must say that after a brilliant Hall of Fame ceremony and a great showing at NXT Takeover: Orlando; WrestleMania wasn't too shabby at all, really.

There were more positives than negatives over the length of seven hours, and at least the first half of the show was almost too perfect to believe it was indeed, from the house of WWE. Without further ado, we present the best and worst of the 33rd edition of Wrestlemania- the ultimate thrill ride.

#1 Best: Thank you, ‘Taker

The greatest performer in Wrestlemania history stood tall, presumably at the end of his career

The Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker match was only a prelude to the real main event of the evening. The Undertaker, defeated by multiple spears, took off his gloves, his coat and his hat and left them laying in the middle of the ring, possibly signalling the end of what has been the greatest professional wrestling career in history.

Tears were shed across the world as the legend left the ring for the very last time indeed, putting over a younger talent on his way out. The Undertaker has been an integral part of professional wrestling for many years now, and mere words in a ‘best and worst’ column won't do him justice. Know that he will be missed!

#1 Worst: Roman Reigns gets the rub

Unless Reigns turns heel, this victory does nothing for him

We honestly believe that someone else could have benefited from 'retiring The Undertaker’, such as Braun Strowman or Samoa Joe. Reigns too can benefit if he does go heel, but if he does not, this was all for nothing really.

This victory will not get him over as a babyface and Reigns will continue to remain the thorn in Vince’s side that he just cannot get over with the entire WWE Universe. We hope to see Reigns in full heel mode in the next 24 hours, to make this win worthwhile.

#2 Best: The underdogs step their game up

Goldberg wrestled his best match in WWE, at Wrestlemania

We expected absolute duds from Shane McMahon and Bill Goldberg. While their matches were nowhere in the league of the classic contests between John Cena and AJ Styles; they were much better than they had any right to be, really.

Shane McMahon risked life and limb and even tried a few MMA holds, for a passable contest against Styles, who is the much better athlete. Shockingly, Goldberg took bumps, a total of 10 German Suplexes and even allowed Brock Lesnar to kick out of a Jackhammer. We believe that this is the first time anyone has kicked out of a Jackhammer, in Goldberg’s two-decade long career in wrestling..

While Lesnar and Styles carried their respective matches, it was great to see these men try and give it their all in the ring.

#2 Worst: Pitbull and co. take the Intercontinental Title spot

Was this really necessary in a show that went so long?

WWE sometimes buries its own talent. Instead of putting the second most important Championship in the brand, The Intercontinental Championship, on the main show; they chose to have a musical segment with Pitbull, Stephen Marley and an assortment of musicians.

The Cruiserweight Championship was similarly relegated to the pre-show as was the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Here's a piece of unsolicited advice to WWE- people tune into Wrestlemania for the wrestling, not for celebrity appearances and musical segments.

How can we ever take the Intercontinental Championship seriously anymore, after this travesty of justice?

#3 Best: Feel good moments!

JR was brought back to call The Undertaker’s last ride

There was an assortment of feel-good moments for WWE fans, something that’s been missing in the product for a long time. After the unfortunate demise of his wife, Jim Ross was brought back on commentary, as a gesture of goodwill and nostalgia for fans.

His old partner, Jerry 'The King’ Lawler returned, as well, for the mixed tag match.

Speaking of the match, John Cena proposing to Nikki Bella was a really sweet moment for all present. Of course, Naomi winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship at home was the cherry on top. Most WrestleManias make us feel dissatisfied and this wasn't the case here thankfully.

#3 Worst: Wrestlemania main event?

Orton and Wyatt were fighting for the top prize, smack in the middle of the Wrestlemania card.

Just like WWE devalued the Intercontinental Championship, they devalued the Royal Rumble as well. What is the point of the event, when the winner does not go to the top of the card, while Superstars who had been eliminated from the match get spots above Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt?

Moreover, we wonder how good a decision it was to put the belt on Orton yet again. We’ll have to wait and see how his reign pans out.

#4 Meekmahan will be deleted!

What a mark out moment this was, for the fans!

The Hardyz are back and are more popular than they have ever been, even when compared to their Attitude Era run. WrestleMania erupted with ‘delete’ chants, and we can’t wait for Raw.

#5 Best: As hot as Wrestlemania was, as a show, and the weather in Orlando was, neither was as hot as Alexa Bliss, walking to the ring


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