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The biggest recent botches in the WWE

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28.52K   //    28 Jul 2016, 19:01 IST
WWE has seen its share of failed wrestling moves over the years

WWE used to show a disclaimer on their television shows telling fans not to try the moves they see on the small screen or in the arenas because the performers were trained professionals.

Yes, wrestling is scripted. Wins and losses are determined and yes, the promos are mainly written for Superstars to learn and memorize. But the reality – yes I said that magical word – is not everything works out according to plan, and in some cases, these men and women get hurt. Some of these accidents are devastating. Some are minor and the show goes on.

I’ll never forget being a child and watching a young King Kong Bundy drop Eric Embry on his head in a match in Florida. It looked planned, but in reality, the massive Bundy did not adjust his weight properly. Embry was motionless and I was shaking from the fear of someone being hurt.

I’ve learned over the years not everything we see is a work, not everything we hope is going to happen does. These “botches” as they are called, are costly.

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