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WWE News:  Bonus footage of the Symphony of Destruction Match between Braun Strowman and Elias released

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"We dance like marionettes, swaying to the symphony of destruction..."

What's the story?

This week's edition of WWE Raw saw a special gimmick match between Braun Strowman and Elias, in a Symphony of Destruction Match. On Friday afternoon, the WWE released a YouTube video showing bonus footage from this match.

In case you didn't know

Strowman is a big fan of heavy metal music, and Symphony of Destruction is one of the biggest hits of the metal band Megadeth.

Raw commentator Corey Graves actually referenced several Megadeth song titles during the match including Train of Consequences and Peace Sells but Who's Buying.

The heart of the matter

The one-minute video would show the destruction that The Monster Among Men caused from several different angles.

The video also included some very dramatic music that you may find in a thriller or horror movie; which is fitting as running from Strowman is definitely horrific.

The match itself only lasted six minutes, as Elias would get a good guitar shot in, but Strowman would destroy Elias after that by breaking another large bass over him and even dropping a grand piano on top of him before the pinfall.

There was a lot of comedy in the match as well, including Strowman attempting to play the piano. He is a pretty decent singer, but he won't be performing in any concert halls anytime soon.

What's next?

At the time of this writing, it is unknown what WrestleMania holds for both Elias and Strowman. They could continue this feud all the way until then, but there are also rumors that they could be added to the WWE Intercontinental Championship match as well.


Next week's edition of Raw takes place from the Little Ceasars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Author's take

Sometimes gimmick matches in the WWE are not executed well, but when Strowman is involved, they are almost always fun and entertaining.

This video in particular had an interesting feel to it. It was very well produced, and I wonder if the recently acquired Jeremy Borash had his hand in putting it together.

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