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Booker T reveals current AEW star came up with the Spinaroonie name

Greg Bush
Modified 03 Feb 2020, 10:56 IST

The iconic spinaroonie
The iconic spinaroonie

There are many words that come to mind when wrestling fans think of Booker T. WCW, World Champion, grocery stores, royalty, and the list goes on. However, one thing that tops the list is the spinaroonie.

An iconic move that always gets fans on their feet, the spinaroonie has been a staple in Booker T's repertoire for two decades. Even legends like The Rock, Triple H, Kane, and other Attitude Era veterans have hit their own versions of the spinaroonie to pop a crowd when working with the five-Time WCW Champion.

In WCW, Mark Madden seemingly named the iconic dance move. However, according to Booker T, that's not the case.

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho inadvertently named the spinaroonie

On Chris Jericho's Rock 'n' Wrestling Rager at Sea, Booker T took part in a Q&A session. Fans got the opportunity to ask the WWE Hall of Famer about all the highlights in his career, including the grocery store brawl with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who he considered his most important rival and more.

When he was asked about the spinaroonie, Booker revealed that Madden admitted he hadn't come up with the name. In fact, of all people, it was Jericho.

"I remember one day I was doing it, mark Madden started saying 'spinaroonie, spinaroonie, spinaroonie' and it became the spinaroonie. I was like, 'That sounds pretty cool (for a name)'. When I was talking to Mark a year ago, I was like, 'Mark, man, you came up with the spinaroonie and whatnot.' He goes, 'Actually I didn't come up with the name.' I was like, 'Well, who came up with it?'"
"He goes, 'Chris Jericho!' He said he was having a conversation with Jericho one day about me and said how Jericho called it the 'spinaroonie thing' and Madden stole it from Chris. But yes, it was Jericho who came up with the name."

Not only is Jericho the master of reinvention, but he may be responsible for the popularity of Booker T and his incredible career.

Published 03 Feb 2020, 10:56 IST
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