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WWE Rumours: Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan to be involved in storyline?

Bray Wyatt comments on Daniel Bryan's SmackDown role

News 30 Jul 2016, 18:59 IST
Wyatt and Bryan battle each other in the ring 

WWE superstar Bray Wyatt joined in the sea of conversation directed toward recently appointed SmackDown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, while dishing out his opinion on his former colleague’s first major role since retiring from wrestling – reports dailywrestlingnews.com.

Wyatt, who has a diverse history with Bryan, took to social networking site Twitter to come out in support of his colleague while also making sure to highlight the fact that Bryan was a former member of the Wyatt clan, no matter how brief that association was.

Bray, as a part of the Wyatt family, had numerous clashes with Bryan in a series of thrilling tag team and singles matches in the past, before finally managing to recruit the latter into the Wyatt fold, only for the association to end as quickly as it begun. 

Bray joins the numerous fans, colleagues, and commentators who have praised WWE’s decision to recruit Bryan as GM of SmackDown, due to his vast knowledge and experience with the company as well as his massive fan following. 

And could this also be a sign that the duo could be involved in a storyline soon enough? Especially given that Bray Wyatt doesn’t easily break kayfabe, even on social media.

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