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Bray Wyatt deserves a main event spot after WWE's Brand Split

Tom Clark
1.31K   //    03 Jun 2016, 11:09 IST
Bray Wyatt deserves a main event spot, but does the WWE agree?

AJ Styles and John Cena are making serious headlines right now. The same can be said of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. WWE’s brand split will lead the way for the New Era in the company, while SmackDown going live will surely be best for business.

But while everyone’s talking about the current state of the WWE, no one is really talking all that much about its absentee Superstars. Chief among them is Bray Wyatt, and right now the question of where his fate lies must be asked.

Bray is an absolute highlight in the roster, but it’s unclear whether anyone in the company really knows how to use him. He’s a master on the mic, and his character is more complex than anything WWE has put on TV since Mankind. 

The Eater of Worlds is such a huge nickname, and it’s a fitting one for such a unique character. Bray Wyatt is on his own plane of existence, and everyone that’s he ever shared the screen with looks small by comparison. Bray should have been a top draw from the moment he first opened his mouth, and fans should be getting ready for a top tier main event spot to be filled on his return.

But instead fans are likely wondering what WWE is going to do with him. The fact that this is even happening must be a bizarre riddle for fans, one that everybody seems unable to decipher. How did things go south for Bray? How has he existed for this long in WWE without true main event direction?

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