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Opinion: Bray Wyatt's new gimmick might be one of the best things in the WWE right now

17 May 2019, 00:24 IST

Bray Wyatt is one of those superstars who has had good gimmicks. However, his previous run with the company was disheartening - to say the least. While his 'Eater of Worlds' gimmick was quite well received by the WWE Universe initially, he lost his momentum and came out on the losing side of a feud with Matt Hardy. Bray Wyatt had great potential as a main eventer, but he was booked horrendously towards the end of his alliance with Hardy - truth be told, even Matt Hardy failed to create the same magic with his 'Woken' gimmick that he had achieved earlier as 'Broken' Matt Hardy. Bray has since returned, and his segments have been the focal point of Raw ever since.

Bray Wyatt's new gimmick has created a buzz within the WWE Universe
Bray Wyatt's new gimmick has created a buzz within the WWE Universe

The Background

Bray Wyatt had been out of action for a while after losing the tag team titles that he held alongside Matt Hardy. He made his return on the April 22, 2019 episode of Raw as the eerily cheerful host of the 'Firefly Fun House'. Now, while his new gimmick appeared to be markedly different from what it was earlier, it has become quite clear that the WWE intends to explore the dark undertones of his character, which point towards another run as heel, something that Bray Wyatt is excellent at.

Potential and Speculations

While it is likely that Bray Wyatt will be positioned as a heel, or perhaps an anti-hero, what remains to be seen is the way the WWE decides to utilize him. Bray Wyatt's character is somewhat reminiscent of the characters portrayed by the Undertaker or Kane during the Attitude Era. A connection with the supernatural is one of the integral parts of those characters. While Undertaker had his Ministry of Darkness, Bray Wyatt should be at the forefront of a faction that dominates on the main roster.

While it is certain that Bray Wyatt would no longer call himself the 'Eater of Worlds' - especially since he sawed into a cardboard cut-out of his former avatar, and claims to be a 'changed man' - it would be interesting to see if WWE delves deeper into the potential of a split personality gimmick that seems to be an offer with Bray. He could be cast as an unpredictable character who gives no indication whether he will be the cheery goofball or the psychopath messiah. It will keep the audience guessing, and would certainly make them look forward to his appearances.

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