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Bray Wyatt should form a massive stable upon TV return

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Aviral Shukla
Modified 25 Nov 2018

Bray Wyatt made his long-awaited return to the WWE on a Live special, Starrcade a few hours ago. He one of the most interesting characters in the WWE. He got a massive crowd reaction when he answered Baron Corbin's open challenge due to Braun Strowman who was scheduled to wrestle Corbin, couldn't make it.

Wyatt was not seen on the WWE's programming since Matt Hardy hung up his boots a few months ago. Neither was he injured nor did he have any backstage heat; he probably was on the sidelines because the creative team had nothing for him. Hopefully, the creative team finds something for him, a new gimmick at the moment could be a blessing for him.

Bray Wyatt is one of the most intriguing characters in the WWE that you will ever see and despite the creative team mishandling him, he has remained relevant. Bray’s character is similar to that of a cult leader. He uses his words as weapons to get people to ‘Follow the Buzzards’. He even ‘brainwashed’ Randy Orton into joining the Wyatt Family’s cause but the WWE dropped the dime with that.

The opportunity has come knocking again. They have the chance to create the next big stable with Wyatt's return. Not since Nexus has WWE had a large group of wrestlers fighting together for one cause. The benefit of stables is that the creative team can write various intertwining narratives. Unlikely alliances can be made.

Braun Strowman's absence from TV programming could open a door for the Wyatt family to reunite again. They can form a modern-day stable like the 'Ministry of Darkness'.

Ultimately the aim of the Wyatt Family should be to control Smackdown Live. I find it unbelievable that Bray has yet to have a believable title reign in the WWE. His character should see that holding WWE gold means holding the ultimate power. Subsequently, The Wyatt Family should look to possess every belt. The chase for the titles and the search for heroes to topple the Wyatt Family would be epic. Whoever can bring down the maniac cult leader would be seen as a hero.

The ‘Ministry of Darkness’ was one of my favourite stables. Each week their leader, The Undertaker, would kidnap and ‘sacrifice’ various members of the roster. Because the Undertaker was so unpredictable, it made for must-see television. Similarities can be made between Bray and The Undertaker ’s character. They don’t have to rehash the angle. With the parlour tricks that Wyatt already uses, they can create something unique. Therefore the WWE creative team have numerous options.

They should start recruiting new members to their family every few weeks. They could stalk and attack them until they become brainwashed. It would give some of Smackdown Live’s underutilised talent something to do. Consequently, someone without direction such as Finn Balot could benefit seems as he has nothing else.

Furthermore, the ascension of the Wyatt’s to the top of the WWE would be brilliant to watch. Seeing them recruit new members for their cause and dissecting the roster would make excellent television. It’s such a great opportunity for the WWE. I don’t know why they have yet to explore this

The Wyatt name has value, and he is one of the best promo cutters in the WWE and can handle his own in the ring. His character cooled off a lot when he joined Matt Hardy for a brief tag-team run. It's time to go a different direction with him now that he's returned..

Published 25 Nov 2018, 15:54 IST
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