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Bray Wyatt's messages are directed at Sting?

4.98K   //    04 Feb 2015, 09:50 IST
Bray Wyatt during his match with John Cena at WrestleMania 31

The past few days Bray Wyatt has been leaving cryptic messages too someone in the WWE. On SmackDown last Thursday Wyatt said “I fear nothing living or dead.” He also went on to tell the WWE fans that after what he does next “it will be hard for you to smile again.”

Wyatt would then leave another message this past Monday on Raw. Wyatt said “Oh how they use to fear you. You had all that fear turn into love and admiration.” Then Wyatt finished his message by saying “find me.” Wyatt’s cryptic messages have got WWE fans curious too who he may be speaking too.

One of the biggest rumors, and guesses too whom Wyatt is speaking too is The Undertaker. Many fans believe that Wyatt is speaking to The Undertaker, and they are basing that on what Wyatt said on SmackDown: “I fear nothing living or dead.” The Undertaker’s character is essential a man that was risen from the dead. The Undertaker’s former manager Paul Bearer use to carry an urn that was believed to hold The Undertaker’s ashes, which was the source of his power.  Now Wyatt’s messages do fit with The Undertaker character, but he may not be the only one that fits this description.

The last time WWE fans saw The Undertaker was at last year’s WrestleMania when he lost too Brock Lesnar. Now The Undertaker coming back to face Bray Wyatt doesn’t really make sense seeing as “The Streak” is no longer in tack. Also as mentioned before The Undertaker has not been around since WrestleMania, and Wyatt’s messages seem to be directed at someone who is currently in the mix.

There is one person though that has been around that fits Wyatt’s messages perfectly, and that person is Sting.

Sting making his WWE debut at Survivor Series 2014

Sting fits perfectly with Wyatt’s cryptic messages. For those that don’t know, Sting’s character was inspired by the 1994 movie The Crow. The Crow is about a man who was killed and came back to life; the man is a tortured soul, and he seeks retribution against those who have wronged him.

Sting adopted The Crow persona when the NWO was taking over WCW. Sting looked like a tortured soul, as it appeared he was mourning for WCW. This newly evolved Sting put fear into the NWO, but made pro wrestling fans love and admire him even more.

Sting fits Wyatt’s messages perfectly. His character is based off of a movie character that died and came back to life, and Sting himself  is admired by the fans.

Fans have always hoped that one day The Undertaker and Sting would stand face-to-face in a WWE ring. But with The Undertaker finally losing at WrestleMania that may never happen.

Wyatt could be the perfect fill in for The Undertaker, as their characters are very similar. Both Wyatt and The Undertaker are very eerie, and have this presence about them that not many can match. Fans are always going to want to know what if, when it comes to Taker and Sting, but Bray Wyatt could be a could constellation prize and give fans a taste of what might have been. 

Now it seems that Sting is heading into a match a WrestleMania with Triple H, but it could easily be turned into a match with Bray Wyatt. Triple H said he would take care of Sting at FastLane, and he could easily do that by sending Bray Wyatt after him, leading to Bray Wyatt vs Sting at WrestleMania

Now who Bray Wyatt is talking too has yet to be determined, but all the signs are pointing at Sting. 

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