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WWE Breaking News: Reason behind Alberto Del Rio's Wellness Policy failure revealed

Alberto Del Rio's claims of his suspension may not be as we thought.

Mexico’s Greatest Export 

Alberto Del Rio has left the WWE mid-suspension. Both parties mutually agreed to terms to release him from his contract a month earlier than anticipated. Either way, his contract was expiring in October and he was not going to re-sign. Although Del Rio said he left on good terms with the WWE, he was clearly very dissatisfied with his second run there.

Also, Del Rio was given a 30-day suspension after failing the WWE Wellness Policy. His girlfriend Paige was suspended just 24 hours later. Though they were not tested for the same substance, the sheer timing of it all made it seem so odd.

In his press conference in Mexico City last week, Del Rio claimed that he had a doctor’s prescription for testosterone replacement therapy. However, despite this claim, Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claimed that Del Rio’s failure was in fact for PEDs. 

Bryan Alvarez: “We learned today that 39 year old Alberto Del Rio tried to get an exemption for testosterone replacement therapy, he’s on it-“
Dave Meltzer: “No, no, no. Bryan, you know the story.
BA:That’s what he said. Who am I to say that Alberto Del Rio is telling a lie here?
DM:Ok. This is one that everyone’s gonna get mad at. Alright, so here’s the deal, but I’m steering you in as much a direction as I can tell you, I know too much that’s not on the record on this stuff, ok? He failed the test for the TE, on the TE ratio, so that’s true.

The rest of it, um, I mean he... you know, he failed a steroid test. That’s what happened.

As far as like, everyone’s got an excuse when they fail a steroid test, you know that. I mean it’s always medically prescribed. At least he didn’t say it was a supplement. But, you know, that’s what he said. As far as what it really is, it’s... I can’t sayanymore. But it’s what it... he failed for PEDs.

Medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy is something that people probably see in television commercials, and it's probably something that he figures if he says it, then that's... It's for Mexico. You know I mean, in Mexico, the fact is is that there's stuff like that, it's not that hard to get, it doesn't have the stigma that it would have here.

So, he was saying it for the Mexican press. So it was a good, you know, that's what it was...

He failed a test for elevated testosterone in his system, I mean, that's the truth... And he doesn't have to worry about it anymore because he's not going to sign with anybody that's testing, I don't think.”

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