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WWE News: Bret Hart on Seth Rollins injuring Finn Balor, John Cena & wanting to help him

The Excellence of Execution elaborates more on his concern with Seth Rollins and his work style

Bret Hart has been a big critic of Seth Rollins’ work style the last one year 

It’s no secret that Bret Hart has been a huge critic of Seth Rollins work style. Him injuring Sting, John Cena, and Finn Balor have only backed up Hart’s claim.

Hart stated on Booker T's podcast Heated Conversations with Booker T that he hoped his comments would inspire 'The Architect' to step up his game and work safer.

"Actually, I'm a big fan of Seth Rollins. I mean, it sounds like I've been a little hard on him the last few months, but I'm trying to make a point to make him a better wrestler, to live up to what I expect out of him. And we're in this business. It's not about hurting people, and, too often, people misunderstand my point, and, maybe, including him.

Now, he thinks I've got a hard on for him, or I'm out to get him, or out to make him sound bad. I'm not. I love his wrestling and I like him as a person. He's always a respectful guy and I know he's trying his hardest."

Hart continued, "I hope Seth Rollins becomes the safest, best wrestler in the world. And I wish him all the luck in the world. And I'm not trying to pick on him. I'm just trying to remind him that it's not about hurting guys. That doesn't make you a good wrestler. It makes you a really lousy wrestler."

Hart compared Rollins to Goldberg whose kick to his head at Starrcade 1999 severely concussed him and forced him to retire:

"Goldberg was the same with me. He was a great guy and I love Bill Goldberg, but he cost me millions of dollars and he hurt me really badly. And there's no room for it.”

Hart said that he knows Seth Rollins does not have bad intentions, but elaborated on his concerns, comparing him with his body and style of work:

"I wrestled 23 years. I never injured one single wrestler ever. And I have a very, very physical, rough, tough style. I did a lot of great things in the ring, but my priority was always the safety of the guy I worked with.

You meet their kid and you meet their wife in the back and there's just no room for mistakes, especially in wrestling today."

Hart continued - "you can't just think up a move in your head and go, 'okay, I'll just pick somebody up and I'm just going to throw them backwards into the post'. You have to think 'would you want someone to do the same thing to you?' And not every wrestler's a CrossFit guru where they're all super fit and super strong.

There are all kinds of different bodies and styles in wrestling and you're working in there with a guy like Sting or you're working with a guy like Bob Backlund or you're in there working with a guy like Jerry Lawler. If you're a young buck and you're full of piss and vinegar like Seth Rollins is, you've got to change your style around.

You've got to work a little different. You've got to take care of these guys that are a little older. You've got to protect these guys."

Do you agree with The Excellence Of Execution?

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