Bret Hart reveals the real story of him punching Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

The Montreal Screwjob is still one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history. After Bret Hart lost the WWE Championship match against Shawn Michaels thanks to the Screwjob, Vince McMahon met Bret in the dressing room to talk to him. Bret famously punched Vince McMahon and it has often been said that Vince offered Bret "one shot" in return.

However, in Confessions of a Hitman, Bret Hart revealed that the story of Vince McMahon was not true and he did not remember it happened. Bret also spoke about how it really went down:

The Undertaker had a take on it. His take on it a few months ago - and they always say stuff like, 'Vince probably said before he walked in that he was going to let me take a shot at him.' I don't remember that ever happening and I don't remember Vince saying anything like that to me in my dressing room that he's going to let me take one shot at him. There was no one shot [offer]. I took my own shot. I doubt that's the case. [McMahon] never saw it coming.

Why Vince McMahon met Bret Hart in the dressing room

Bret Hart also spoke about the possible reason behind Vince McMahon coming to the dressing room to speak to him, saying that he wanted to avoid an uproar with the roster:

I think I knew Vince pretty well, especially at the time. What really was happening, I think, was a case of Vince trying to save face with his talent. I don't know if he expected there to be such an uproar. There was a real uproar with the wrestlers and the talent where they were probably wondering how many wrestlers were going to show up in the dressing room the next day. That kind of thing. So, it was a grandstand moment for him to confront me in the dressing room and sort of look to my better nature.

Bret Hart added that since he was so easy going, Vince McMahon may have decided that he could just talk to Bret before he took his things and left the dressing room. In Bret Hart's opnion, this would have allowed Vince to say that he had at least spoken to Bret.

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