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Brie Bella on Jeff Hardy being her favourite, Sara lee, Divas Revolution and more

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Brie Bella says she is grateful for the Divas Revolution

WWE diva and one-half of the Bella Twins, Brie Bella while promoting a live event in Detroit in an interview gave her insight about the Divas from the past and present, Sara Lee and more. Below are the highlights from the interview:

On Total Divas and the way it's helping female wrestlers

Brie has credited the increase in interest of women in wrestling to the success of Total Divas as it has opened the eyes of people towards women’s wrestling and Divas. “People come up to us at live events or at signings and thank us, saying my wife or girlfriend watches wrestling now, or that they weren’t into wrestling, but because of ‘?Total Divas‘, they are now.” says Brie.

Her favorite WWE superstars from the past and present

Brie rates Melina as her favourite Diva from the past as she had the sex appeal and also stood out in the ring according to Brie. She says among the male wrestlers she liked Jeff Hardy a lot as he resembled her husband Daniel Bryan. “He’s quieter but has a presence in the ring that’s like,wow. “ says brie.

She further added, “For present superstars, Paige has been really amazing in our division. I love her aggression. She just has it. For men, besides my husband, who’s injured right now, I would say Dean Ambrose. He’s a maniac. Everything about him is great. He’s fun to watch. When his matches are over, I always wish there was a little more to watch.”

On how the Divas Revolution is changing women in the WWE

She is amazed by the effort put in by the current Divas and claims that they want to put the divas on the map just like the male division and finds herself grateful. She says, “Nikki and I couldn’t be any luckier to be in the women’s division right now. We have some amazing women wrestlers, and to have these aggressive matches. “

On whether Sara Lee could win WWE Tough Enough

“Sara and Amanda couldn’t be more different. Both of them would bring something different as a WWE Diva. I look at Sara, and from the beginning, she was put down and has stayed in there. I think she’s had a harder time.” Brie believes Sara has been through a lot in a short time and has come out trumps which is what makes a WWE Diva and is really kicked up about who will win the show.

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