Brock Lesnar diet - How does the beast incarnate maintain his fitness?

The Beast Incarnate

Brock Lesnar is the epitome of human fitness. An NCAA champion, a WWE champion, a UFC heavyweight champion and a professional football player; all the above accolades prove he has to at his prime fitness throughout his career. Let’s take a look at how Lesnar backed his rigorous training session with a superhuman diet to be the behemoth he is.

The sport of professional wrestling is a tricky one to be in. If you have the size, you lose speed. If you excel in the speed department, you probably wouldn’t be a big jacked-up fighter.

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Vince McMahon’s WWE, a ‘sports entertainment’ company demands you to be both. You’ll have to be a well-built big guy, who can pull those athletic moves. To be the top dog in WWE one had to have a body that looked like it was chiselled out of stone.

The Next Big Thing

Brock Lesnar debuted in 2002 and was a 6’3, 290-pound monster, who was able to deliver moves like sunset flip from the top rope. The WWE machine was so impressed that they put their only premiere title at that time on Brock’s massive shoulders. Lesnar was with the company until 2004.

Now Lesnar got so big because he started early. He is a country guy to the core, grew up on dairy farms, ate everything home-grown right from vegetables to livestock. He grew up as a hunter, and meat was an integral part of his daily diet.

Lesnar wrestled and played football during his high school years, so his prime motive was to become big, thereby justifying the all you can eat diet.

Moving on from WWE, Brock Lesnar wanted to pursue a career in NFL. He had to be more lean and athletic to play football professionally. However, he met with a bike accident and would eventually be cut in the preseason for the Minnesota Vikings.

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The next phase of Brock’s life was the most challenging. He was capable of taking down any person in the wrestling ring, but now, Lesnar wanted to beat down fellow humans for real. The training Camps now, got more intense and his workout more challenging.


Brock Lesnar is a private person; hence, he has never released his exact diet. During his time with UFC, he once stated, he eats about 3,200 calories worth of food every day and takes in 300 grammes of protein. Lesnar had been on a high protein diet all his life.

Along with a superhuman work out, Brock Lesnar quickly became the UFC World Heavyweight champion. He became a fan favourite in UFC, who initially did not welcome the beast of the wrestling world.

In 2009 midway through his championship reign, Lesnar was diagnosed with Mononucleosis and Diverticulitis. He was ill for a quite a while and mentioned he had never been ill his whole life. This illness was long due as Brock had been consuming a high protein diet throughout his life, ignoring the other nutrition groups in his food.

Lack of fibre intake eventually caused his intestines to rupture. Lesnar dropped to 248 pounds during this period.

“What got me here was a total protein diet, not enough fiber, and that’s where I was, I totally changed my diet, got on some natural healing medicine, and was just doing a lot of praying.”- Lesnar said in an interview.

Following his surgery, Lesnar decided to make major changes to lifestyle. He was a pure carnivore earlier with his ‘eat what you kill’ way of living justifying the Beast moniker. He now switched to a more stable diet from his previous diet, that majorly consisted of meat and potatoes. Brock didn't like eating green but started having it regularly in his meals.

This new lifestyle proved fruitful as The Beast returned to the Octagon to be crowned the undisputed heavyweight champion in 2010.

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In 2011, Brock retired from the world of MMA and returned to the WWE. Here he enjoys one of the most lucrative contracts while working as a part timer. This works perfectly for Lesnar as he is booked as a hard-hitting heavyweight, who doesn’t need to be as athletic as he was during the dawn of his career.

Considering his current working schedule, Brock has reduced his workout. But make no mistake, he has to maintain that humongous size still. Paul Heyman, his long-time friend and on-screen advocate, once revealed Brock’s bill alone can go up to $1400 when they were out for dinner.

‘When we go to a steakhouse, it's usually 2 or 3 porterhouses, some vegetables because he now mixes it up, a small amount of complex carbs and a lot of water.” - Paul Heyman.

The Conqueror

Due to his well-balanced diet, Lesnar has prolonged his career to a point where he seems like an unstoppable force. Fitness is no issue for this beast, as we saw him dominate Mark Hunt at UFC 200 when Brock returned to MMA after six long years.

Maybe we can see him back in the Octagon in the future, and we are sure Brock Lesnar will live up to standards he has set for himself, until then wrestling fans are blessed to witness him in action in the sqaured circle.

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