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Is Brock Lesnar not leaving Rumble with the title?

5.69K   //    13 Jan 2015, 12:03 IST
Will he still have the title around his waist after Royal Rumble?

With The Road to WrestleMania and The Royal Rumble fast approaching, one has to wonder what The WWE’s plan is for the title picture this year at WrestleMania 31. There are so many great theories on who will win the title at Royal Rumble, and who will walk out of WrestleMania 31 with The WWE World Heavyweight title around their waist. On one side, we have the Champion Brock Lesnar whose future beyond WrestleMania is uncertain. And then there is John Cena, ‘Mr.Money In The Bank’ Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan in the picture.

New Champion Revealed

According to Daily Wrestling News” The rumor is that John Cena will possibly beat Rollins, so Lesnar does not take the fall (At the Royal Rumble). This will infuriate Lesnar, causing him to attack Cena. Rollins would then cash-in his Money in the Bank opportunity and beat Cena for the title. This also would open up the possibility of Rollins coming into WrestleMania 31 with the title around his waist. (Barring a loss at Fast lane)

The storyline was reportedly set into motion last week, when Rollins was added to the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match between Lesnar and Cena at The Royal Rumble. The move was apparently made after weeks of WWE Creative going back and forth on whether or not to add Rollins to the match.

While this idea would definitely be a break from the usual Road To WrestleMania formula I find it strange that The WWE would want to put Rollins in this position so early in his wrestling career. Yes, Rollins is a great young heel and a future WWE Champion, but I seriously doubt his ability to draw good numbers for this year’s WrestleMania main event

Rollins Not Ready

Rollins is simply not deserving of that kind of spot this early in his career. The WWE would be better off to have Lesnar or Cena hold the title until WrestleMania 31, so Roman Reigns can get a clean win over a veteran talent in The WWE. Rollins could then cash in his briefcase and take the title off of Reigns to set up their next pay per view match.

Another scenario would be for Cena to win the title from Lesnar at The Rumble, but these seems like a less likely possibility, because it would take away Brock Lesnar’s dominant streak last year. Despite that issue, this scenario would allow for Reigns to pick up a huge win over the most consistent superstar of the last decade.

Bryan could make his way into the title picture this year as well, by winning The Royal Rumble match later this month, and face the winner of the title match at The Royal Rumble between Lesnar and Cena. This scenario wouldn’t give a rising superstar, like Reigns or Rollins a big win over a major talent, but would give us the possibility of seeing Cena versus Daniel Bryan again.


Possible Fatal Four Way Match For WrestleMania 31

The last scenario possible, would be to hold The Elimination Chamber match at The Fast Lane pay per view, and have either Reigns or Bryan be the third competitor for the WrestleMania title match. This would allow for Bryan to have another chance at The WWE Title, after forfeiting it last year, and would also open up the possibility of a Fatal Four Way match for the title, if Rollins wins at The Rumble.

Personally I don’t see any other scenario playing out as well as Cena winning the title at The Royal Rumble and then losing it to Reigns in a one on one matchup at WrestleMania 31. The time is now to start building new talents for the future, and there is no better way to do that, then have them get a huge win over John Cena.

Like him or hate him, John Cena is the man that needs to be the one to pass the torch to Reigns at WrestleMania 31. There has been no superstar as consistent as Cena over the years, and that’s who Reigns needs to notch a victory against to establish himself as the future of the company.

Brock Lesnar Should Not Still be Champion

Brock Lesnar would be good candidate if it wasn’t for his part time status in The WWE. Yes, he is a dominating figure and did end The Undertaker’s streak this year, but that is only a fraction of what Cena has been able to accomplish in his time with the company.

Bryan would seem like an obvious choice to pass the torch to Reigns this year, but The WWE shouldn’t have him return just to lose at a big event like WrestleMania. They need to build him up as a legitimate challenger again and then have him compete for the title once he gets a few key wins under his belt again.

The WWE worked for months to establish Reigns as a future star, and I would really hate to see that go to waste over a veteran talent wanting the spotlight one more time. WWE has the chance to build a new star in March and I really hope they stick to the plan and do that with Roman Reigns.

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