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Brock Lesnar returning might not be good news for Cesaro

4.02K   //    12 May 2014, 11:12 IST

One of the best things about WWE in the past almost two years has been the inclusion of Paul Heyman in the main roster. He returned as an advocate for Brock Lesnar and so the iconic duo was reinstated into WWE programming. Because if Lesnar is here, can Paul Heyman be far behind? And now he is managing another superbly talented superstar in Cesaro. But as the rumor mills have already began working, Brock Lesnar may be back for Summerslam. Where does that leave Cesaro?

I know, that leaves Cesaro to be managed by Paul Heyman when the man is not busy churning out great promos for his client Brock Lesnar (who BTW broke the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania)

The last time Heyman managed multiple WWE superstars, it did not quite go well. Heyman started managing Curtis Axel while he was enjoying his stint with his friend by the name of CM Punk. We know, how that went for Axel. The superstar had a huge momentum behind him when he won the Intercontinental Title on Fathers Day and aptly paid tribute to his father. After that, it was just a downer and then the WWE handed Ryback to gain some of Heyman’s near perfect Midas touch during Heyman’s rift with Punk. The rest is forgettable history.

Now, Lesnar is rumored to be back for Summerslam. That means that he’ll return sometime around July. That means we are just 2 months away from his return and a lot can happen during that time. Splitting Heyman and Cesaro up by them would be premature and that will do a lot of harm than good for Cesaro’s gimmick. Now that they’ve formed an alliance, they might as well be in it for a while. But when Lesnar returns the spotlight will, no doubt, be on him more than Cesaro. I mean, the man was involved in the most shocking moment in the WWE this year and it was very one of the most shocking moments since the Montreal Screwjob. The ripple effect of reaction it created was mammoth. This Wrestlemania will forever be etched in every hardcore and casual fans memory as the Wrestlemania where the unexpected happened, when a myth was broken.

The thing is, Paul Heyman never managed Lesnar while he was aligned with Punk. Cesaro is not as big a name as Punk but he surely has the makings of it. Cesaro, like Lesnar, has showed a great amount of surprise in the moves they have been able to pull off. When Lesnar came to the main roster, he left an indelible mark with his strength and agility. He broke the ring, splattered his opponents blood on his chest, gave perfect belly to belly suplexs to the giant of the giants and made one of biggest botches of the decade. Cesaro has come across as a freaky strong gut, too strong for his appearance and his innovative moves have set him apart from a locker room of talent. The Giant Swing, the second rope suplex, lifting Big Show and his neutralizers have got him quite over with the crowd.

In all probability, it will be interesting to see some interaction between Cesaro and Lesnar and some tension. Cesaro should not become Lesnar’s sidekick for the little time that Lesnar stays on the roster but there should be ample tension built to see if a potential match can be on the cards. Paul heyman should not be the bone of contention.

The feud between them should not be over their manager but over each other. They should differ in opinions or attitudes to build some sort of friction. If that happens, then the WWE can surely look on this fresh booking as an opportunity for the Next Big Feud.

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