Bron Breakker must destroy 35-year-old star ahead of WWE exit

Bron Breakker
Bron Breakker is a former two-time NXT Champion. (Image credits:

Bron Breakker is currently viewed as a dominant force on Monday Night RAW. However, the former NXT Champion must be tasked with destroying. Ricochet before his reported WWE exit.

For those unaware, recent reports have disclosed that The One and Only is expected to part ways with WWE after the expiration of his contract this summer. In this article, we will be focusing on why Bron Breakker must annihilate the 35-year-old ahead of his WWE departure.

Bron Breakker destroying Ricochet could be a great way to write him off

As the former Intercontinental Champion is expected to depart from WWE soon, the company will need to find a way to write him off from television. With Breakker establishing his dominance, having him destroy Ricochet could serve as an effective method for this purpose.

A potential scenario that could unfold is WWE booking a triple threat match for Clash at the Castle featuring Bron Breakker, Ricochet, and Ilja Dragunov.

Regardless of the match's outcome, Breakker could launch a post-match assault on the 35-year-old star, completely demolishing him. This could serve as a fitting way to write Ricochet off TV.

Could help Bron Breakker get more heat in his main roster run

If Breakker destroys Ricochet ahead of his WWE exit, this angle will also help the RAW star generate more heat on the main roster. It will solidify his position as a dominant star and help him gain more momentum.

Bron has already defied authority figures, especially RAW General Manager Adam Pearce's rules. So, this move will aid in maintaining his dominant status.

This could set up Bron vs Dragunov post-Clash at the Castle 2024

In case WWE arranges a Triple Threat match involving Bron, Ricochet, and Ilja for the upcoming Scotland PLE, the post-match assault angle could further help set up a future showdown between Bron and The Mad Dragon.

The potential scenario that might unfold could see Bron Breakker destroying and decimating the former US Champion in a post-match assault at Clash at the Castle.

However, Ilja Dragunov would likely come to Ricochet's rescue and try to stop Bron. This sequence will eventually pave the way for an impending showdown between Bron and The Mad Dragon. The two former NXT Champions can lock horns at SummerSlam.