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Bully Ray talks about WWE being home

Ranga Bharath
3.89K   //    26 Jan 2015, 19:57 IST
Bubba Ray Dudley return to WWE in last night’s 30-man main event.

During last night’s Royal Rumble Zack Ryder spoke to WWE’s website. He told that even though he made it into the 30-man Rumble main event, his shoulder is not 100% alright, but yet he is able to manage with it. He also said that Ryder Revolution is going to takeover WWE again and he proved that at the event yesterday.

It has been almost a decade sice Bubba Ray Dudley left WWE and also had an interview with him after he returned at the Sunday night's Royal Rumble. After being a part of the 30-man main event, he spoke about him being back and he felt like WWE is where he belongs and it felt like home to him. He spoke about Philadelphia being a perfect spot for his comeback, a city long synonymous with ECW, where his career took off. This was his first ever Rumble match without his partner Devon.

This is what Damon Martin of Fox Sports and had to say about one of his favorite wrestler’s return to WWE:

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