Can John Cena speak Chinese?

John Cena
John Cena

Part-time WWE Superstar John Cena is fluent in Chinese. Specifically, John Cena learned Mandarin during his time in WWE, so that he could help in the company's quest to break into the Chinese market.

Knowledge of the language has helped him in his professional acting career as well, now that he has taken a step back from WWE.

What did John Cena do to learn Mandarin?

As always, when taking steps to improve, John Cena didn't hold himself back and learned Mandarin to help WWE grow. He talked about how knowing the language would help him and the company to grow:

"I started wanting to learn Mandarin to get our global company to be a true global company."

During his interview with The Straits Times, John Cena spoke about how he became obsessed with Mandarin. Cena even made time for lessons in his busy schedule:

"[I'm] fascinated with the language and has become obsessed with trying to learn it. ... I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do, for an hour or two of my day, a tutor comes over and we just talk."

Cena made it his mission to learn the language and become perfect at it. As a result, now, he's fluent in Mandarin. The superstar was very disciplined in how he decided to learn the language.

On days when he wanted to surf social media, he instead did it after training himself for 30 minutes with flashcards so that he became better at the language. He also watched Chinese TV and listened to podcasts to get a better grasp of it.


While he was fluent when he addressed a Chinese press conference, according to Cena, he still spoke the language like a third-grader. He mentioned that he won people over one by one in China for WWE when he was learning the language by doing weekly videos on WeChat. He admitted it was a lot of effort, but the progress he made was worth it.

Over the years, he has broken into the acting world and his knowledge of the language has certainly helped him for promotional events in China.