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Cesaro would prove to be a top babyface after turning against Paul Heyman

Mukund Laddha
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Cesaro could prove to be a succesful babyface if he makes the turn

Cesaro is one of the more upcoming and bright superstar who is there today in WWE. He was first having Aksana as his manager, where he also had a brief stint as the United States Championship. This was followed by his role as a Real American alongside Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

In the latter part of his Real American role, WWE had been testing the waters of a Cesaro babyface turn for several weeks, which for all intents and purposes, Cesaro had passed with flying colors.. This was followed by the Andre the Giant Battle Royale win for Cesaro. Many fans might have though that a face turn was imminent for Cesaro after that. But alas, Cesaro aligned himself with the biggest heel in WWE, Paul Heyman.

However with Heyman mostly highlighting the likes of Brock Lesnar despite Cesaro being present there physically, might make up for Cesaro turning against his won manager.

Also the previous Paul Heyman guys like CM Punk, have mostly turned against Heyman after a long enough association. Cesaro may also follow the same route.

Armed with a finisher which is impossible to boo, Cesaro has been highlighted in a string of matches with his Big Swing maneuver. Cesaro is armed with a deep arsenal of offense that almost contradicts his standing as a heel. It will allow him to establish his credibility as an entertainer before building on what will be a promising babyface resume. Cesaro’s advanced move set will be more than enough to overcome limitations in charisma and promos. Now on his way to being an entertainer, the more his wrestling speaks for itself, the brighter his future becomes

The independent standout swings his opposition in repetition, bringing live audiences to their feet while telling a story to the television audience via John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s exuberant counting with every revolution. Cesaro’s ability to pull off the impressive feat on WWE Superstars, ranging from Hornswoggle to The Great Khali, provides a unique showcase of strength and entertainment all in one swing.

Cesaro’s Big Swing, as entertaining as it is, is but a foot in the door. Once he inevitably turns face, simply relying on that spot would make him a one-move wonder no better than any other superstar.

As per recent reports WWE sees Cesaro as one of the top 4 babyfaces in the coming days. The list includes the likes of Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Sheamus. What is even more intriguing is the fact, that Cesaro is placed before the likes of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Therefore it should not be very surprising if WWE puts in enough confidence on Cesaro, for him to go against Heyman and probably take on the Streak conqueror Brock Lesnar.

Cesaro’s genuine toughness, natural athletic abilities and, of course, the Big Swing are positioning him to be one of the new fan favorites. Cesaro can rightfully be credited as the most innovative wrestler the WWE has seen in a while. His European uppercuts and the Giant Swing may not be something that he invented but he will be the only one known to make it popular. And if the WWE keeps giving him much deserved screen time, like they are, he’ll surely become too popular to be elevated up the card.

His power and technical skill is awesome to watch and he doesn’t even look like the muscular prototype that the WWE has always endorsed. Add to that some great matches with Bryan, Cena and the like, one will be left to wonder what is it that this guy lacks. His mic skills are definitely not as spectacular as his physical prowess in the ring.

But with some hard work and probably some face manager or a new re-defined persona, Cesaro can actually put up a new character on the roster and win away a lot of fans as a top baby face. And as a start, a feud with Paul Heyman would fit in nicely.

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