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Rumours: Changes made to Payback PPV, Daniel Bryan's injury and TNA walkout

WWE rumour roundup: Changes made to Payback PPV, Daniel Bryan's injury and TNA walkout

WWE Raw’s latest episode has unfolded many speculations

Another Monday Night edition went by as Raw entertained the folks at Greenville, South Carolina on May 12, 2014.

The groundwork was laid for two big matches waiting to occur at the upcoming Payback pay-per-view but fans were also left concerned with the injury news of Daniel Bryan.

No one exactly knows when Daniel Bryan suffered an injury on his neck but there have been rumours revolving around about the procedure that he might undergo in surgery and how long would it take for him to recover.

As a result, the Payback PPV might see major changes in its matchcards as reported by Figure Four Weekly. However, the exact nature of those changes are unapparent as of now.

With Bryan schedule for surgery this Thursday, WWE is waiting to see how the injury situation turns out and depending on his recovery time, they will decide the proceedings regarding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Elsewhere, TNA were about to face a crisis when the production unit issued threats of walking out of a TV taping.  It has been reported that TNA has been facing monetary problems and that the WWE owes money to the working staff.

Adam Rose is seen as a failure at this moment owing to the crowd’s disappointing reaction in his first two segments.

Alicia Fox’s meltdown on the WWE App video is somehow connected to Damien Sandow’s future in the industry. In the video, the Diva told Stephanie McMahon that she quit. Her resignation seems highly unlikely as she has confirmed on Twitter she didn’t actually quit. But it does hint towards something larger possibly involving the two of them.

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