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Chavo Guerrero talks career post WWE, Eddie Guerrero, Lucha Underground and more

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Chavo was critical about the WWE management’s treatment of Eddie when he was in his prime

Chavo Guerrero Jr. needs no introduction due to his time in the WWE with the late Eddie Guerrero and his family name has a legendary legacy in Lucha Libre. In a recent web show, he opened up about his career post-WWE, how the WWE didn’t treat Eddie right, Lucha Underground, his upcoming web show and more.

On his upcoming Web show The Chavo Show and what we should expect

Chavo states that he didn't want to do another wrestlers podcast and says that the interviews on his show would be different and more interactive. “You know how the interest of fans go, so it's a quick little twelve to nineteen-minute video thing but it's actually more than just a podcast with talking it will be something where you can see us interacting." says Chavo.

On Roddy Piper taping the shows pilot episode

"The way it came about and it's sad that we are even talking about it like that now but it was going to be my pilot episode.” says Chavo who specified it was going to be the fourth episode. He says that he knew Piper since he was five years old, thus the  camaraderie of them hanging out and Piper sharing live stories just came through on camera and it looked really good. 

“We were wondering, do we scrap this episode but it was just so good and I want people to see Roddy the way I knew Roddy. It's getting a great buzz and again Roddy Piper is getting ratings and stealing the show and thank GOD he was able to help me out so it's kind of bitter-sweet. I am happy and proud it's out there, but I am missing my friend." says Chavo.

On handling different characters and gimmicks being pitched to him

According to Chavo, it was all about how you would get on TV and work things out on it. He stated many a times he wouldn’t want to pick some things pitched for himself and says that if given the choice everyone would want to be the world heavyweight champion or like a John Cena or a Batista.

“One thing that I've been told also is that I kind have shown on TV that I was able to do everything. I've been able to be a tag team wrestlers, a singles wrestler, a heel, a face, a different character making people laugh and cry and people hate me. So I've kind of been able to do a little bit in a sense, kind of do everything. Which is cool because that translates into Hollywood because they kind of start seeing different ones I play on TV and they start thinking wow this guy can do some stuff." says Chavo.

On Eddie Guerrero not being recognized by the WWE management even when he was alive

Chavo reminds everyone that Eddie went a long time without getting a shot at the top and he himself said that he was a cruiserweight and could not be ‘The guy’. Chavo says, “We all knew that Eddie was great. The fans knew that Eddie was great. But it's like he wasn't 6'10' and he wasn't 300 pounds, he was always the guy that could work and get those people over who couldn't get themselves over.” 

He says that after being the world champion too, the WWE wanted him in roles that were just not meant for a talented guy like Eddie. “Eddie was in that spot for a long time and even after he was the World Champion in WWE he went back and he ended up working with Luther Reigns they wanted him to get this big (Kurt Angle's) henchman over and Eddie was pissed. He was just coming off a World Champion run and now they wanted him to get a guy over when he should have been working with Triple H, with Shawn Michaels but they put him back with putting guys over. It took him a long time to get that recognition." blasted Chavo.

Lucha Underground and how being an accomplished performer helps

Chavo sees Lucha Underground as a movie that requires acting skills too. "Being on Lucha Underground now it's like a movie so you've got to be able to act a little bit. We go back there and the Director Skip Chasyn likes working with me because I can do things in a few takes so it's kind of worked to my advantage." explains Chavo.

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