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WWE News: Chris Jericho on whether he gets along with Goldberg

Rohit Nath
9.80K   //    03 Nov 2016, 15:59 IST
The two had a famous backstage rivalry

Back in 2003 in WWE, Chris Jericho and Goldberg had a big backstage beef, in which Chris Jericho famously managed to defeat Goldberg in a scuffle, after he had Goldberg locked in a headlock. The funny part was that it was all on his first day of work, which got him the label of “Greenberg”.

However, they did work with each other a couple of times after that. Now that Goldberg has been back twice, a fan on Twitter asked Y2J, how he got along with Goldberg backstage, and Y2J had a simple response:

Naturally, this is just Jericho being in character. In a past interview, he explained that he and Goldberg don’t have animosity against each other and that he has nothing but love, for Goldberg. He explained that when Goldberg didn’t want to work with Jericho in WCW, there was some heat, and the animosity was brought over to WWE which led to the fight.

When asked if he’d ever like to work with Goldberg again, he said he wouldn’t, because he is twice his size. You can see the clip of the interview here:

Jericho faced Goldberg in Bad Blood 2003, where Goldberg was victorious. Goldberg was never pinned clean, without having to be made to look strong. In WCW, he was never pinned once clean.

The only “clean” pinfall that he had was at Armageddon 2003 when he was chokeslammed by Kane, but Triple H ended up pinning him and gained the World Heavyweight Championship back. Jericho faced Goldberg a few months after the Bad Blood bout, this time for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Goldberg squashed Y2J even faster the second time around. Here is a clip of that match:


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